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The Frame – Create your own gallery

New Lifestyle TV with Artistic Inlay

Hong Kong – August 17, 2017 – Samsung Electronics H.K. Co. Ltd., today launched The Frame, its innovative lifestyle TV that transforms from a television into an in-home artwork. This revolutionary technology gives the television a new meaning and purpose. With the extraordinary picture frame, users can easily beautify their living space by showing any of their art piece and photography.

The Frame’s line-up is set to include 55-inch and 65-inch models and offer an Art Mode feature, which allows the TV’s screen to display exclusive works of art ranging from paintings to images from personal photo libraries. When powered on, The Frame offers 4K UHD picture quality and when powered off, The Frame becomes a customizable work of art.

The Frame, a CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovations Award’ recipient, was created with the modern user in mind. Its unique design with customizable frames offers families a TV that is not only beautiful to look at every moment of the day, but also serves as a reflection of their personality with its ability to display exclusive art and personal photos.

“At Samsung, we believe that design starts with people – how they live, what they love and who they are. Within the home, technology is very personal and we wanted to make sure we gave users a product that is customized to their lives,” said Ellen Fu, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. “To address this unique consumer need, we collaborated with renowned designer, Yves Behar, to create The Frame. By pairing revolutionary picture quality and an elevated design, The Frame provides consumers with the most personalized experience.”


Masterpieces All In One Frame

Instead of fading to black like a traditional TV, The Frame’s display transforms into a work of art. Through its Art Mode feature, The Frame can display different artworks in a convenient way. With Samsung Collection, users can choose from more than 100 exclusive works of art by renowned global artists which helps enhance and refresh ones’ living quality. With options in 10 different categories – including wildlife, landscapes, drawings, digital art, still life and more, which are all specially designed for the TV, The Frame is not only nice to look at, but also brings wide range of cultural richness to customers’ daily life.

The Frame can display the user’s favorite works of art or precious family photos by uploading them through mobile devices or USB. Users can then preserve their precious moments by showing their personal art collection among the family.

TV That Beautifies Any Living Space

Having identical appearance to a real picture frame, The Frame can easily blend in any household harmoniously. Furthermore, in order to enhance the ambiance and décor of living space, the TV has numerous customizable frame options for customers to choose from. Frame options include Walnut, Beige wood and White, providing users with the flexibility to match their TV to their space.

The Frame is able to switch from its various modes using both a brightness sensor and a motion sensor. The brightness sensor seamlessly adjusts to ambient lighting so that The Frame truly blends into a user’s space. A motion sensor allows The Frame to know when someone enters or exits the room. This enables it to enter a power saving mode when no one is watching and to switch back on automatically when someone is around.

The Frame is also outfitted with Samsung’s “No Gap” Wall-mount, which brings the TV flush against the wall, allowing it to hang like a real picture frame. Additionally, the TV boasts Samsung’s Invisible Connection, which eliminates any messy cables or wires with one single, transparent optical cable, thereby enhancing the sense of design at homes.

Exclusive partnership with Lane Crawford

Cooperating with Asia’s iconic luxury department store Lane Crawford, The Frame will have its exclusive sale point there starting from today. As an iconic collection point filled with luxurious and fashionable items, Lane Crawford’s image just perfectly matches with The Frame’s, both offering the latest innovative products to customers. For every purchase of The Frame within the exclusive sale period in Lane Crawford, customers can receive a set of frames (including Walnut, Beige wood and White). Due to its limited amount, please rush while sock lasts.

The Frame comes packaged with the new “No Gap” Wall Mount*. Besides, customers can also match The Frame with Studio Stand which can bring extra spaciousness and taste of art into customers’ homes.

*The embedded wallmount minimizes the space between the wall and the suspended TV. The distance between the back of the TV and the wall may differ depending on the installation method and wall type.


Availability and Suggested Retail Price:

Model Size Suggested Retail Price Availability
The Frame 55” HKD 29,880 Now Available
The Frame 65” HKD 39,880 Pre-order is now available

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