Monday, June 17, 2024

The Future in Audio Products Hall: TWS, Party Audio and Gaming Audio

 As mobile phones and tablets are prevailing, audio products have undergone continuous technological innovations. There are diversified products choices now which attract the eyeballs of consumers and merchants. Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair (Fall) 2019 and Mobile Electronics Trade Fair (Fall) 2019 have jointly built an enormous Audio Products Hall with over 1,100 booths, TWS Audio Products section and Party Audio section have also been set up. This Hall showcases the latest audio technology and other innovative audio products which include earphones, Bluetooth speakers, TWS, professional audio products, home audio systems and accessories.
Recently, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones have received great attention from the market and have outstanding sales. Apart from regular upgrades, for example, updating to Bluetooth 5.0 to improve the stability of the connection and enhance the sound quality, some manufacturers will add in different functions like waterproof, etc.
Due to the rise of the esports industry, a lot of manufacturers have launched various earphones. In addition to the stylish appearance, accurate positioning and excellent sound quality, some manufacturers pay attention to the level of comfort. They may use special heat-dissipating materials to make users feel comfortable after wearing for a long time.
Outdoor and party audio have always been popular, a lot of exhibitors showcase related products. The designs and appearance have continuously gained more attention apart from functional performances like sound quality, volume and water resistance.
Global Sources and China Audio Industry Association co-organise the 2nd Audio Excellence Awards. Up till now, there are already 74 audio products which received verification. The exhibition will also gather selected award-winning products in the Experience Zone for people to try them out and to facilitate the industry and buyers to get to know more about the latest trend as well.

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