Friday, June 14, 2024

Bone Conduction Headphone Lead a New Experience by Morein Tech

It is believed that most of you have tried Bluetooth headphones before. I have a few Bluetooth headphones as well. However, the one I tried in this year’s Global Sources Mobile Electronics Trade Fair (Fall) is creative. It is the Smart Bone Conduction Headphone (ES768) produced by Morein Tech.

You just have to place the headphone at the right position, connect to the player, you can still hear the sound without blocking your ears. The effect is interesting and the sound is clear too. For those who do not like their ears to be blocked or wrapped, this is surely a suitable product for you. Furthermore, as it has released your ears, it would be safer for you to use on the road.

For those who have not used bone conduction headphones before, this would be an excellent experience.

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