Monday, June 17, 2024

SmartBiz Expo and Franchising Empowering SMEs to ride the stay-at-home-economy wave

The fourth HKTDC SmartBiz Expo and the sixth HKTDC Hong Kong International Franchising Show, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), are being held online from 2 to 4 December, with official websites to introduce the two events. The virtual events have brought together more than 30 industry elites to share their insights at a series of webinars, examining the current business practices of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and looking at how to capture the business opportunities brought by innovative technologies, creative thinking, e-commerce and franchising amid the current challenges.

Under the theme “Reimagine·Reinvent“, the SmartBiz Expo provides innovative business solutions to SMEs to help them maintain their competitiveness in the face of the pandemic and help them explore the stay-at-home-economy trend. In the face of an increasingly harsh business environment, the expo focuses on three key areas – how e-commerce and big data offer a brand-new customer experience, redefining working patterns through digitalisation, and how SMEs can apply technologies such as 5G and blockchain in their businesses.

COVID-19 has hit the world’s economy hard and affected almost all industries. It has also altered traditional working patterns, with numerous companies adopting flexitime or work-from-home arrangements – but how can enterprises boost productivity under these new arrangements? The expo kicked off this morning with “T-Chat: Riding the wave of the Stay-at-Home Economy and Managing a Remote Business”, with Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, sharing insights on corporate culture under work-from-home arrangements, human resource (HR) transformation, and supporting corporations in adjusting to the new normal. Not only is Mr Glazer a renowned thought leader in corporate culture, he is also a bestselling author and renowned speaker. He ranked second on Glassdoor’s list of top CEOs for SMEs in 2018 and was on the Forbes list of 20 Speakers for 2017.

The HKTDC has long been committed to launching different solutions that can support SMEs in achieving their transformation goals. This year, in addition to the three-day SmartBiz Expo, the Council has launched a series of activities to help SMEs transform and be future-ready, including various seminars, programmes and workshops being held in November and December. A one-year online promotion programme called “Connect with Smart Advisors” will be launched, enabling experts in innovation and technology to demonstrate their products and technological solutions virtually on the SmartBiz Expo, Hong Kong International Franchising Show and Sourcing websites, helping SMEs to seize new business opportunities in the face of the pandemic.

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