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Canon Unveils the Lightest Full Frame EOS R mirrorless camera EOS R8

Canon today announces the launch of the New lightest EOS R full frame mirrorless camera EOS R8, the lightest and smallest APS-C EOS R Mirrorless Cameras EOS R50 , RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM and RF-S 55-210mm f/5-7.1 IS STM Lens. The new full-frame EOS R8 and the APS-C EOS R50 mirrorless camera fully leverage the advantages of the EOS R system to realize unprecedented levels of speed, operational ease and image quality in compact form factor, improving performance and mobility to meet the various needs of today’s photo amateurs and content creators. In addition, the compact RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM and RF-S 55-210mm f/5-7.1 IS STM lenses launched simultaneously further expand the RF lens lineup. These new lenses utilize the optical design freedom of the RF mount to the fullest, bring more affordable choices for EOS R users. Through the addition of EOS R8, EOS R50, new RF and RF-S lens, Canon will continue to strengthen the EOS R system and develop more versatile and cost-effective products to EOS R system users to meet various shooting needs.

EOS R8 –The lightest Full Frame EOS R mirrorless camera with Advanced DAF and uncropped 4k 50p movie

Made for: First time full frame buyer and content creators

Best for: Travel, Snapshots, Lifestyle photography and Video creation

Lightweight, High Speed and High Image Quality

  • The lightest full frame EOS R mirrorless camera ever, body weights only 414g (461g with battery and memory card)
  • High-speed 24.2MP Full Frame Canon CMOS Sensor
  • High-speed DIGIC X digital image processor
  • Standard ISO range 100-102400 and expandable to ISO 204800
  • Up to approx. 40FPS (Electronic Shutter) and 6FPS (Electronic 1st Curtain Shutter) high speed continuous shooting with Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure Tracking
  • 30FPS non-cropped “RAW Burst mode” with “Pre-shooting” up to 0.5sec before shutter release
  • Electronic Shutter provides shutter speed up to 1/16000s and supports Bulb mode
  • Supports HDR PQ high dynamic range shooting and 10-bit HEIF recording format
  • Features High Frequency Anti-Flicker Shooting (50Hz to 8192 Hz) inherited from EOS R3 to accommodate LED lighting
  • New HDR Mode for [Moving Subject] to create HDR photo for moving subject with only a single shot
  • New 2x and 4x Digital Tele-converter to extend the reach without switching lens7
  • Features “Depth Composition” to enable creating single image in focus over a wide area in-camera
  • Features Panorama Shot (SCN Mode) for capturing of high-resolution panorama images
  • Supports Cloud RAW Processing for high quality JPEG/HEIF development utilizing image processing algorithm developed through deep learning

Advanced subject recognition and tracking auto focus

  • Renowned “Dual Pixel CMOS AF II” technology with 1,053 AF zones and up to 100% AF coverage area
  • Features “EOS iTR AF X” inherited from EOS R3 with AF algorithm developed using Deep Learning technology for high performance Subject Recognition and AF tracking of People, Animals and Vehicles
  • New Auto Subject Detection detects and selects people, animals, or vehicles as subject automatically
  • Vehicle Detection is enhanced to cover trains (high speed trains, conventional trains and steam locomotives) and airplanes (jet planes and helicopters) in addition to motorsports (automobiles and motorcycles). With Spot detection setting, the driver cab of high speed train or cockpit of airplane can be detected.
  • Animal detection now supports detection of horses (racing horses, zebra and ponies etc) even with rider
  • New Right Eye priority or Left Eye priority in Eye Detection AF
  • Improved AF tracking performance even subject change posture or brightness change by applying deep learning technology to extract subject features during subject tracking, which applies to animals, vehicles and any other subjects selected by user
  • AF Tracking system allows simply “grabbing” the parts of a subject to be tracked using the 1-point AF or zone AF, the camera will determine the optimum tracking position and perform subject detection and tracking over the entire AF Area
  • “Whole Area Tracking Servo AF” is possible from any one of the 8 “AF Area” modes, including 1-point AF or Flexible Zone AF, for flexible AF operability
  • “Whole Area Tracking Servo AF” can be turned on or off during AF or continuous shooting
  • When shooting with EVF, AF Point position can be selected with “Touch and Drag AF” or detected subjects can be switched by tapping the LCD screen

EOS Movie features to optimize workflow for content creators

  • High Quality non-cropped 4K UHD (6K Oversampling) 50p/60p IPB movie
  • New Non-cropped FHD 150p/180p high frame rate movie for 6x slow motion movie
  • Increased CMOS sensor readout speed reduces rolling shutter distortion of 4K 25p/30p movie by approximately 50%
  • Supports 10-bit Canon Log 3 and 10-bit HDR PQ (Rec. ITU-R BT.2100(PQ)) H.265 Movie
  • 5-Axis Movie Digital IS brings more effective stabilization when using with IS-equipped RF/RF-S Lens through coordinated control
  • New Focus Breathing correction to correct change in field of view due to change of focus distance
  • New “Detection Only” option in Movie Servo AF which operates AF only when subject is detected
  • Newly features 5sec or 3sec Pre-recording
  • New False Color Display allows more accurate exposure control
  • New Aspect Marker (e.g., 2.35:1; 1:1; 9:16 etc)
  • New Recording Emphasis to display a flashing red outer frame on screen during recording
  • Delivers High quality FHD 30p video for live streaming or online video meeting via USB with UVC/UAC compatibility
  • “AF for close up demos” is available when connecting via UVC/UAC
  • Continuous recording of non-cropped 4K UHD (6K Oversampling) 50p/60p movie for 30mins or longer possible
  • Supports uncompressed YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit 4K 50p/60p HDR (Rec. ITU-R BT.2100(PQ)) HDMI output
  • Maximum continuous recording time extends to 2 hours
  • Internal Microphone with Noise Cancelling feature for better sound recording quality. The noise reduction effect can be monitored via headphone terminal output
  • Supports digital sound recording via Multi-Function Shoe for high quality sound

Improved Operability and Connectivity

  • High precision 0.39-inch 2.36M-dot 0.7x OLED electronic viewfinder with up to 120FPS display frame rate
  • OVF simulation view assist function provided to reproduce the view of an SLR optical viewfinder by displaying more natural highlights and dark gradations with HDR technology
  • 3-inch 1.62M-dot side-opening Vari-angle Clear View II LCD Touch Monitor
  • Power switch has been relocated to right side for swift operation immediately after holding the camera
  • New Photo/Movie mode switching lever on the left side
  • New Two-Dial Function with M.Fn button to enhance operability
  • High Speed Continuous Shooting with Wireless Remote Control BR-E1 newly supported
  • Next Generation Multi-Function Shoe enhances communication capabilities and power supply functionality
  • Ultra-fast 0.4 sec start-up time
  • High precision shutter unit with 100,000-cycle durability
  • Dust and water resistant design
  • Built-in 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz) Wi-Fi for wireless network transfer (e.g. Camera Connect App, EOS Utility). Newly supports WPA3-Personal authentication
  • Built-in Bluetooth low energy technology for easy Smartphone connection, GPS information acquisition and remote control from smartphone
  • Built-in USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 2) digital terminal for 10Gbps high-speed transmission.
  • Supports recharging battery and supplying power via USB-C terminal with USB-PD
  • Wired connection to Camera Connect App with full function is supported for iPhone and Android smartphone

Estimated Suggested Retail Price

EOS R8 with RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens Kit: To be announced

EOS R8 Body: To be announced

Estimated Sales Start Date: April 2023

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