Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Genesys Unveils three new Genesys Cloud CX satellite regions: Hong Kong, Jakarta and Paris

Genesys, a global cloud leader in experience orchestration, is expanding the global reachability of Genesys Cloud CX™ by adding three new satellite regions in Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Paris. The satellite region launch in Indonesia will enable businesses, especially in industries such as insurance, banking, and government, to improve service quality by keeping real-time media (voice) paths locally and addressing local compliance standards (regional recording storage).

According to IDC 1 , the Asia/Pacific region had almost 11% of the worldwide revenue for contact centre applications in 2021 at $1.2 billion. With an anticipated compound annual growth rate of 12.5%, IDC forecasts the region’s revenues will grow to $2.2 billion in 2026. This new Genesys satellite region unlocks rapid expansion opportunities with existing multinational customers who have existing operations in or looking to enter regional markets.

The Genesys Cloud CX Global Media Fabric (GMF) provides a seamless cloud-based media fabric for global enterprises to utilise for improving real-time voice communications. Utilising both core and satellite cloud regions, the Global Media Fabric enables multinational enterprises to reduce latency and ensure better quality customer interactions. Reduced network latency can make substantial impact on enhancing the user experience for customers and employees.

Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer, Genesys said, “Data residency requirements make it acomplex process for many multinational organisations to gain the benefits of cloud contact centre infrastructure, enabling them to tap into faster innovation and additional flexibility and scalability. With these new satellite regions, Genesys has extended its global reach further and is making it easier for even more companies with distributed contact centres to provide secure, compliant and quality experiences for their customer and employee around the world.”

Building localised storage capabilities and greater resiliency for customers

To add more deployment flexibility for global organisations, Genesys also announced newregional call recording storage capability in Genesys Cloud CX. The new storage will help local businesses and organisations to secure call recordings according to local data residency regulations. With that, global customers now have the choice to centrally store call recordings within their Genesys Cloud CX home region or in the local region where the recording originated.

Assaf Tarnopolsky, Senior Vice President and General Manager, APAC at Genesys said, “With the launch of the satellite region multinational customers can now leverage new in-region reliability and security features of the all-in-one Genesys Cloud CX platform, thereby, providing higher-quality audio and more control over data residency, specifically for call recording storage. Global organisations can now power up to deliver competitively superior customer experiences and digitally transform — at any scale.”

Mr. Ian Wong, CEO of Continuous Technologies International Ltd (CTINT) said, “The recent introduction of the satellite region by Genesys is a significant step towards fulfilling the business and regulatory needs of Hong Kong. With the new satellite region in place, Genesys Cloud CX users will enjoy several benefits, including local call recording storage, superior voice quality, and easy setup without the need for additional hardware. This will enable them to rapidly launch their contact centre services and offer their customers seamless and secure experiences. By utilising cloud technology, companies can benefit from the scalability, flexibility, and computing power required to analyse vast amounts of customer data generated across multiple engagement channels in real time. This presents an excellent opportunity for customers on legacy platforms to revolutionize the way they engage with their end-customers.”

In addition to Hong Kong, the new satellite regions recently launched are in Jakarta, Indonesia and Paris, France. With these additions, Genesys Cloud CX now has 12 core regions and 4 satellite regions around the world strengthening Genesys’ position as the global cloud connector.

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