Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Samsung BESPOKE Home Lineup Unveiling the NEW BESPOKE Jet Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd. is committed to elevating lifestyle aesthetics through innovation, bringing cutting-edge technology and luxurious lifestyle in perfect harmony with its world-class collections. With the launch of the BESPOKE Refrigerators Series last year, Samsung now unveils this year’s latest collection – the BESPOKE Jet Vacuum Cleaner that comes in three new colourways – Midnight Blue, Woody Green, and Misty White, offering shoppers a bespoke lifestyle that makes sophistication their signature, with the freedom to create a home space distinctively theirs.

“In recent years, interior design has taken center stage with a trend that fuses BESPOKE splendour, smart technology, and captivating colours. Home appliances are now the perfect way to add vibrancy to any space while still expressing your style, allowing for an unparalleled experience of comfort and sophistication in every room. BESPOKE Jet Vacuum Cleaner is the newest lifestyle addition to the BESPOKE Home Lineup, elegantly bridging interior design trends with savvy technology. This chic product adds a splash of colour from three fashionable yet timeless hues that will bring out any space’s vitality while packing serious cleaning power under its hood,” says Ellen Fu, Vice President, CE & Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics H.K. Co., Ltd, “With 210W strong suction and a 5-layer filtration system trapping up 99.999% of dust and allergens particles – not to mention an innovative All-in-One Clean Station™ to keep dust and grime off your hands – this sleek designer model ensures you always stay one step ahead

One Touch Dust-free Experience – Automated dusting, charging and easy-storage 3-in-1 cradle

Equipped with an All-in-One Clean Station, the BESPOKE Jet offers the ultimate end-to-end cleaning experience combining dusting, charging and easy storage. This sleek and stylish design boasts a charging stand that recharges the vacuum cleaner once attached and also empties all dust automatically in the dustbag, making every clean effortless and dustless, while ensuring that hygiene is always at its peak level.

in both home aesthetics and practicality, perfect for those who want their home looking spick and span without any extra effort involved.”

A splash of vibrancy and texture in your home with modern, timeless metallics

Captivating colour is transforming the way people think of interior design. Homeowners are leveraging the power of hue to create sophisticated and vibrant spaces that capture their own distinctive vision for comfort, style, and ambiance. As a trendsetter, the artistry of BESPOKE Jet and its range of captivating colours: Midnight Blue, Woody Green, or Misty White is set to elevate the home by adding a sense of luxury. With sleek sandblasted detailing that is sure to dazzle and an iF-award-winning innovative design, this vacuum cleaner will be appreciated for generations as much more than just a functional piece.

Revolutionary 5-layer filter system with cutting-edge filtration process to minimise dust and allergens in the home – delivering maximum effectiveness for families with pets or allergies who need extra protection from secondary pollution

Crafting an unparalleled dusting experience, the BESPOKE Jet powerfully maintains minimal air pollution by ensuring inhaled dirt particles are sealed inside the machine and not re-emitted to create secondary pollution. Boasting superior 5-layer filtration capabilities, certified by both BAF and SLG with a 5-Star rating, large dust particles are filtered out through the main jet cyclone, then capturing small dust and suspended particles through the micro-dust filter and suspended particulate filter, effectively filtering up to 99.999% of fine dust along with 0.3 – 10µm particles and allergens respectively, ensuring clean, unadulterated air is released during operation. Users can breathe easily knowing their environment always remains pristinely clean without repercussions from secondary pollutants in the air or worries about particulates being reemitted upon use. Harnessed through its exceptional 210W HexaJet Motor suction power, this phenomenal machine ensures complete satisfaction when it comes to keeping your home space spotless – Enjoy peace of mind knowing that healthy breathing is just within reach.

Patented Jet Dual Brush cleans both hard flooring and carpets with the same head

Enjoy powerful cleaning on all flooring types with just one head. The Jet Dual Brush effectively removes dust from hard floors, and improve carpet cleaning, rotating at 4,000 rpm, a 180° swivel head easily changes direction provides effortless cleaning without missing any spots, and the quick-release button makes it easy to clean and remove hair from the brush roll.

Vacuuming and mopping in one go with new advanced wet mop function; Including Pet Tool and a variety of accessories for flexible cleaning of every corner

The BESPOKE Jet Vacuum Cleaner equipped with a two-way power mopping brush and manual water spray control to quickly mop up any mess in an unprecedented time. This state-of-the art cleaner is equipped with an electric motor to rotate the mop and a new 150mL water tank to manually control the amount of water sprayed, saving time in getting the cloth wet and removing stubborn stains with ease. A wide range of suction heads is designed for all types of surfaces including the Pet Tool, Spray Spinning Sweeper, Combination Tool, Crevice Tool and Flex Tool for flexible use in any home. A separate charging is also available for re-charging and easy storage, providing freedom to move the machine around without worry due to its backup battery technology.

The BESPOKE Jet is ergonomically designed with a lightweight, handheld Jet body of only 1.44kg, which can be used upright or lifted easily with one hand, and an adjustable telescopic wand with three adjustable lengths to suit the height of the user or different conditions, making cleaning every corner a breeze. Each replaceable battery can last up to 60 minutes of continuous use – delivering hours’ worth of effortless cleanliness anytime and anywhere.

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