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SHOPLINE debuts “The Entrepreneur Specials” campaign with an exclusive Creamy Black brew in partnership with Flash Coffee

SHOPLINE announced the launch of “The Entrepreneur Specials” campaign, created to empower local entrepreneurs and boutique business owners through powerful and tailored business solutions – and its own brew to match. 

To launch the campaign, SHOPLINE conducted a survey that, for the first time,  investigated the relationship between a merchant’s success in running a business and decision-making and his/her coffee consumption preferences. SHOPLINE identified entrepreneurs’ favourite coffee flavours and has partnered with tech-enabled coffee chain Flash Coffee to create the exclusive The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black brew, bringing a new coffee experience to inspire entrepreneurial spirit while finding the most suitable path to success. Having supported over 500,000 merchants from all over the world to establish their businesses through implementing omnichannel commerce solutions since 2013, SHOPLINE believes that running a business is like enjoying coffee – there’s no “the best”, but only “the most suitable” online business enabler for greatest success.

SHOPLINE survey reveals 1 in 2 entrepreneurs spark business ideas when sipping a coffee 

Relaxing or working with a cup of coffee has become an essential routine for most of us, with coffee being not just a companion, but also an attitude towards life. According to SHOPLINE’s recent survey, our preferences for coffee flavours are closely related to the time and situation when coffee is enjoyed. Some entrepreneurs and business owners tend to choose black coffee, including Americano and Espresso, to face the Monday blues. Nearly two-thirds (62.7%) of respondents believe that drinking coffee is useful for staying focused, improving work efficiency and for making decisions. One in two (53.5%) respondents agree that they have a clearer mind and come up with better business ideas when they are sipping a cup of coffee at a coffee shop or on the go. Data from Flash Coffee also revealed that entrepreneurs like to drink coffee in the mornings, with peak hours being from 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM on weekdays, believing that a black coffee helps them start the day well. Respondents also like to enjoy coffee on weekends, choosing matcha latte when they are more relaxed. 

SHOPLINE x Flash Coffee “The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black” fuels entrepreneurs’ everyday work

Carefully crafted by Flash Coffee’s team of baristas – from selecting the finest coffee beans, determining the roasting level, to the recipe for the perfect taste – The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black delivers a smooth and indulgent cup for the passionate entrepreneurs. This exclusive coffee is batch-brewed by dispersing hot water over specialty 100% Arabica beans and then frothed into ultra-fine and dense foam, resulting in extra thick and smooth texture while maintaining the rich aroma. The full-bodied and flavourful The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black brew contains higher levels of caffeine compared to the typical Americano, bringing an intense taste to your morning routine, and delivering the perfect start to your day.

SHOPLINE Hong Kong Deputy General Manager Nick Chiu said: “there’s no ‘the best’ but only ‘the most suitable’ coffee flavour; similarly, there’s no ‘the best’ but only ‘the most suitable’ ecommerce platform to help your business succeed. Everyone has his/her unique philosophy when it comes to running a business – we appreciate and support every single business concept and needs through a wide range of tools and customised ecommerce solutions – because we are here to empower merchants’ success. We are pleased to collaborate with Flash Coffee for ‘The Entrepreneur Specials’ campaign. We are constantly launching more tools and solutions to help local boutique coffee shops to seize every opportunity, to grow and thrive, bringing their coffee dreams to life.”

Flash Coffee Hong Kong Managing Director Jonathan Tsao said: “Flash Coffee symbolises youth and innovation. We are committed to fueling each and every hard-working individual striving for excellence with our high-quality specialty coffee. As a tech-enabled coffee startup founded just three years ago, we share the same experience as most entrepreneurs who have been through the ups and downs of establishing a business, and believe a cup of good coffee can lift spirits and motivate us all to move forward. We are excited about this collaboration with SHOPLINE to launch ‘The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black’ – an exclusive brew offering a strong caffeine kick to entrepreneurs, energising them on the path to success.”

Best suited solutions to fuel a business, powered by SHOPLINE

For a limited time only, the exclusive The Entrepreneur Specials: Creamy Black is available at selected Flash Coffee shops in Hong Kong* from 6 March 2023 to 7 April 2023; in the first week of its launch (6 – 12 March 2023) customers can enjoy a complimentary upgrade to a medium-sized coffee. At the same time, SHOPLINE introduces exclusive solution offers well suited for shop owners on social media or brick-and-mortar shop owners who are looking to expand online:

1) Get a taste – 14-day online shop experience, completely free of charge

2) Take a baby step forward – start selling for as low as HK$99 per month

3) Time to expand – subscribe to a selected plan** to receive an iPad for free (while stocks last)

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