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Oracle Strengthens Commitment to South East Asia with Second Cloud Region in Singapore

New region will help meet increasing demand for OCI services in South East Asia while addressing growing business continuity and compliance requirements

Industries across South East Asia including financial services and telecommunications will benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high performance and security, powerful data and analytics, and distributed cloud capabilities

Second cloud region in Singapore will join Oracle’s 41 existing and nine other planned public cloud regions

SINGAPORE and AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oracle CloudWorld Tour — To meet the rapidly growing demand for its cloud services in South East Asia, Oracle today announced plans to open a second cloud region in Singapore. Continuing one of the fastest expansions of any major cloud provider, the new region is one of 10 planned public regions to join the 41 regions that Oracle currently operates.

The region will offer Oracle’s public and private sector customers and partners a new option to locate their infrastructure, applications, and data for optimal performance and latency. Customers will have access to a wide range of cloud services to modernize their applications; innovate with data, analytics, and AI; and migrate mission-critical workloads from their data centers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In addition, customers will be able to achieve greater business continuity by using both Oracle Cloud Singapore Regions together while retaining data residency within Singapore.

“Our upcoming second cloud region in Singapore will help meet the tremendous upsurge in demand for cloud services in South East Asia,” said Garrett Ilg, president, Japan & Asia Pacific, Oracle. “With the new region, Oracle offers customers true business continuity and disaster protection while meeting in-country data residency requirements. As a result, we’re extending our commitment to helping organizations in South East Asia embrace technologies like AI, machine learning, and IoT to address their most complex challenges and achieve more with less.”

The new Oracle Cloud Singapore Region will offer over 100 OCI services and applications, including Oracle Autonomous Database, MySQL HeatWave Database Service, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. These applications and services will help startups and medium-sized and large organizations across financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail in South East Asia harness data to help uncover new business value and optimize applications, typically without requiring costly re-architecture. The first Oracle Cloud Singapore Region has supported the innovation needs of more than 1,000 customers in South East Asia, including Pacific International Lines and Siam Makro.

High Availability and Low Latency Provides Customers with a Resilient Cloud Foundation

OCI’s next-generation architecture maximizes performance and security. Each Oracle Cloud Region contains at least three fault domains, which are groupings of hardware that form logical data centers for high availability and resilience to hardware and network failures. The second region in Singapore will help customers increase business continuity while addressing regulatory needs.

Both Singapore regions will provide low-latency networking and high-speed data transfer to allow customers and partners to derive better value from their data. In addition, OCI’s distributed cloud solutions, including Dedicated Region and Exadata Cloud@Customer, can assist with applications where data proximity and low latency in specific locations are critical.

Spurring South East Asia’s Digital Economic Growth

In its Top ICT Predictions for 2022 and Beyond at IDC FutureScape 2022, IDC said that by 2023 digital will rule in South East Asia, as one in three companies will generate more than 15 percent of their revenue from digital products and services, compared to one in six in 2020. The strong focus on increasing revenue from digital products and services will contribute towards cloud technology playing an even more integral role in business continuity and resiliency for South East Asian organizations in today’s digital-first world.

“Oracle’s second cloud region in Singapore is a welcomed addition as the country continues to establish itself as one of the top markets for data centres globally, with sustainability at its core. Despite economic uncertainties, cloud spending by South East Asia organizations remains strong as cloud adoption continues to be seen as a business differentiator to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic future. IDC forecasts the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) overall public cloud services market will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.5% from US$53.4 billion in 2021 to reach US$153.6 billion in 2026,” said Estelle Quek, senior research manager, Cloud Buyer Trends and Intentions Research, IDC.

A Focus on Driving Sustainable Operations Across the Globe

Underscoring its ongoing focus on sustainability, Oracle has committed to matching all worldwide Oracle Cloud Regions with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025, including the new Oracle Cloud Region in Singapore. Several Oracle Cloud Regions are already powered by 100 percent renewable energy, which enables customers to run their computing services more sustainably and with a lower carbon footprint. To further advance its commitment to sustainable operations, Oracle and its Asset Recovery partners recycled 99.9 percent of retired hardware they collected in FY’22.

Customers and Partners Welcome Oracle’s Second Cloud Region in Singapore

“We’re excited to hear Oracle’s plans to launch another cloud region in Singapore. Singapore Pools had a good experience with the first cloud region. With the launch of the second region, this strengthens our confidence for maximum high availability for our cloud services,” said Yeo Teck Guan, chief business technology officer, Singapore Pools.

“The upcoming second Oracle cloud region in Singapore is timely for Siam Makro as we are expanding across the South East Asia region. We’ll soon be able to scale up on our cloud-based technology as well as consolidate our cloud needs holistically, allowing us to operate more efficiently,” said Paul Stephen Howe, group chief information technology officer, Siam Makro.

“We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Oracle as its second cloud region will offer endless possibilities for system integrators and independent software vendors like us to scale our operations and achieve greater performance. With Oracle’s advanced technologies and our expertise in delivering mission-critical IT services, we are poised to help our customers and advisors navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and optimize their digital journey,” said Richard James, managing director, enterprise application services, APMEA, DXC Technology.

Oracle Cloud’s Rapidly Growing Global Footprint

Oracle provides a broad and consistent set of cloud services, with the same low prices, across more than 41 cloud regions in 22 countries. OCI currently operates 34 commercial regions and seven government regions, in addition to multiple dedicated and national security regions.

Currently available Oracle Cloud Regions include:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Chuncheon (South Korea), Mumbai (India), Hyderabad (India), Sydney (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), Singapore (Singapore)
  • Americas: San Jose (United States), Phoenix (United States), Ashburn (United States), Chicago (United States), Toronto (Canada), Montreal (Canada), São Paolo (Brazil), Vinhedo (Brazil), Santiago (Chile), Querétaro (Mexico)
  • Europe: Frankfurt (Germany), London (United Kingdom), Newport, Wales (United Kingdom), Zürich (Switzerland), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Marseille (France), Stockholm (Sweden), Milan (Italy), La Courneuve, and Paris (France), Madrid (Spain)
  • Middle East: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi and Dubai (U.A.E), Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Africa: Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • Government: Two general U.S. Government regions, three U.S. Department of Defense specific Government regions, several U.S. National Security regions, and two United Kingdom Government regions (London and Newport, Wales)