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Risen Energy Publishes 2022 Annual Report, Reporting 56.05% Year-On-Year Revenue Growth

NINGBO, China, April 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Risen Energy Co., Ltd., a global leading manufacturer of high-performance solar photovoltaic products, has published its 2022 annual report on April 21.

In 2022, Risen Energy achieved a total revenue of 29.38 billion yuan (USD 4.24 billion), a 56.05 percent growth year-on-year. Its net profit attributable to shareholders reached 945 million yuan (USD 136.52 million), a 2,332.31 percent increase year-on-year. The net profit excluding extraordinary profit and loss was 1.026 billionyuan (USD 148.22 million), a 258.5 percent increase year-on-year.

Risen Energy’s annual production capacity of photovoltaic modules amounted to 25GWin 2022, mainly from its manufacturing bases in Ningbo and Yiwu of Zhejiang Province, Jintan of Jiangsu Province, Chuzhou of Anhui Province, Baotou of Inner Mongolia, and Malaysia.

Promoting R&D innovation and building integrated industry chain

In 2022, Risen Energy updated its products with the latest innovative technologies. It also improved the power of its 210mm high-performance monocrystalline PERC module to reach 670Wp max, the power of TOPCon module to 690Wp max, and the power of heterojunction module to 740Wp max.

The company launched a series of new products, especially BIPV products designed for commercial and civil building rooftops, catering to a wide range of application scenarios.

In terms of innovative R&D, Risen Energy has tackled high-efficiency HJT cell technology that achieves a high conversion efficiency of up to 25.5 percent.

At the moment, Risen Energy is pushing forward multiple key projects including the 5GW n-type ultra-low carbon high-efficiency heterojunction cell and module and 10GW high-efficiency solar module project in Ninghai, Zhejiang; 4GWhigh-efficiency solar cell and 6GW high-efficiency solar module project in Jintan, Jiangsu; and 10GW/year high-efficiency solar cell project in Chuzhou, Anhui.

“2022 has been a fruitful year for Risen Energy, as we focus on powering the world with superior quality and cost-effective products and solutions. Risen Energy will continue to strengthen our investment in the R&D of our energy storage business, further optimize the comprehensive product structure, and build an integrated industry layout to elevate our service capabilities and economies of scale,” said Risen Energy.