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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023: XCMG Machinery Outlines Innovative Safeguarding Plans to Prevent Work-Related Accidents and Diseases

XUZHOU, China, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, XCMG Machinery (“XCMG”, SHE:000425) is focusing on providing safer, healthier, and better working environment for employees, partners, and operators, leveraging innovative technologies and advanced industrial design capabilities to prevent work-related accidents and diseases.

“The production and operation of the construction machinery industry are prone to potential personnel safety and health risks. We’re looking to elevate the safety and health initiatives from our employee-centered Total Health Program (THP) and expand its scope to place a heightened emphasis on creating a safe and healthy work environment and operation experience for the operators of the industry chain,” said Yang Dongsheng, Chairman of XCMG.

Innovative equipment safety design to prevent and protect

XCMG has developed a wide range of equipment safety devices and systems to guarantee smooth operation and prevent accidents.

The XCMG motor graders are equipped with a dual-loop hydraulic braking system that features a brake light switch, a low-pressure alarm switch, pressure measurement and more, plus reliable multi-disc wet brake to ensure safe and smooth braking. The super-large mining motor graders are coupled with an overload protection device designed for heavy load working conditions, ensuring enough slewing torque and automatic rotation under impact to protect the safety of people and equipment. The motor grader requires a combination of a power switch, key switch, and start button, and it cannot be started if the propel lever is not in a neutral position to prevent an unintentional start.

The brake system of XCMG’s road rollers is consisted of a driving axle, multi-disc brake on the wheel reducer, and hydrostatic brake of the closed-loop hydraulic system, boasting the three breaking functions of service brake, parking brake, and secondary brake to ensure reliable driving.

Intelligent control to empower operation precision and efficiency

XCMG’s road rollers feature automatic compaction control, idle speed control, and operating speed limit adjustment to reduce the operator’s work intensity, as well as intelligent seat sensing, emergency braking, and an engine no-start switch to protect the safety of the operator.

XCMG’s driverless technology has achieved accurate work trajectory control, which is also based on Beidou technology, reducing human labor and especially ensure safety during nighttime construction. XCMG’s pavers also adopt wireless remote-control technology to achieve intelligent remote operation.

Its 3D leveling technology can support milling machines to complete the millimeter-level result in a short time. XCMG’s multiple automation technologies including conveyor and auger control, microcomputer and constant speed control, central lubrication system and quantitative lubrication technology, and a full hydraulic extending screed are effective in improving operational efficiency and ensuring safety.

Ergonomic design to improve operation comfort

XCMG is developing equipment products with ergonomic designs to make operations more comfortable.

The mining graders are installed with a comfortable pressurized cab, which has a unique enclosed diamond-shaped cab providing clean air-flow and positive air pressure even under severe working conditions.

To reduce vibration and noise reduction, XCMG developed a preliminary analysis including power cabin flow field, noise spectrum, and partial coherence, and the noise in the cabin is reduced to 74db and below with the sound-absorbing sponge and muffler.

The control system equips a double joystick, adjustable suspension seat, and hand-shape lever with rotating and sliding elbow rest to reduce operation fatigue greatly and make its operation more comfortable.

In addition, XCMG has built a hoisting equipment operation and management platform to enable the digital management of equipment that supports safe and reliable operation.