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ASILI GLOBAL’s NEWGEN Group Shines Globally

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ASILI GLOBAL is a global direct-to-consumer e-commerce company based in Lehi, Utah, that aims to make people’s lives happier.

Injected with unicorn startup DNA from its inception, the company rapidly expanded its business in North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region through excellent products and a systematic business rewards program. ASILI GLOBAL values people and innovation, and is committed to creating value for people, respecting diversity, and promoting positive change through entrepreneurial, innovative, and non-traditional business thinking.

From an enterprise perspective, ASILI GLOBAL is entering a so-called “entrepreneurial growth period,” rooting itself and learning business replication models worldwide, and preparing to seize potential huge opportunities. Compared with many other global companies, ASILI GLOBAL has accumulated energy and is on the verge of becoming a global unicorn company.

ASILI GLOBAL’s CEO and founder, Brent D. Morrill, always adheres to the brand’s simple and genuine philosophy, with the slogan “Make People Happier Every Day.” The company’s core values include entrepreneurial thinking, innovative thinking, non-traditional thinking, creating value, respecting diversity, and promoting positive change.

Under the leadership of Asia Pacific General Manager Mr. Vergil Tan, and the legacy of the founder of the ASILI Eagle System, Mr Jacky Lee, ASILI GLOBAL’s largest team in Malaysia, NEWGEN Group, has achieved significant success. The team was founded by Kervis Soo, and co-founded by Joyce Woo, Rifle Gan, Vivian Tong, Jaywin Haw, Coco Tong, Lee Wen Yao (Taiwan), Kelvin Tan, and Sky Ang.

In Malaysia, the NEWGEN Group has set a new benchmark in the company’s team model. Within just three months, NEWGEN founder Kervis Soo became the first diamond ambassador in the country, and team member Joyce Woo became the second diamond ambassador. Vivian Tong and Coco Tong became Ruby ambassadors, while Queenie Wang, Kelvin Tan, and Tammy Kow became Sapphire ambassadors. Rifle Gan, Jaywin Haw, Eric Kee, SuLing Lim, Shermine Ong, Joeann Teo, and Elynn Lim became Pearl ambassadors.

The core concept of the NEWGEN team is to enable every partner to “earn, learn, and play” in the trend of “free entrepreneurs”, and create a strong sideline with a simple replication of the “social new retail” concept. The NEWGEN team has a comprehensive system and mechanism to enable individuals from any professional background to start the e-commerce business in a short period of time without affecting their business.

ASILI GLOBAL is a global direct purchase e-commerce company that values people and innovation. Its NEWGEN team in Malaysia showcases its strength in organizational marketing, and NEWGEN team members have become a role model for many young entrepreneurs.

Recently, KERVIS, the founder of the team, established the “NEWGEN Soo Ah Hoy and Tan Ah Lin’s Million Education Fund” in Johor, Malaysia, to help impoverished students in the state. The fund will allocate RM1 million over the next 10 years to support education, with an initial release of RM20,000 to Kluang Chung Hwa High School and Kluang Che Luan Khor Moral Uplifting Society. Rifle Gan, the president of the Sea Star Club (NGO) and the District Councilor of Yong Peng Johor, was appointed as the advisor of the foundation.

“Brothers and sisters! We are the NEWGEN team of ASILI GLOBAL. We have been chasing our dreams, constantly striving, and breaking our own limits! If you have such a dream, if you also want to challenge yourself and achieve financial freedom, then join our team! Here, we not only have a strong support system, but also unlimited opportunities and challenges waiting for you to explore and conquer! Join ASILI GLOBAL and NEWGEN, become one of us, and let’s fight for our dreams together!” – KERVIS, the founder of NEWGEN team, summarized in this way.

Company: Newgen Leaders Club
Contact Person: Kervis
Email: newgenofficial3366@gmail.com
Website: https://www.asiliglobal.com.my/
Telephone: 0168918676
City: Malaysia Petaling jaya
Address: 6, Jalan Ekoperniagaan 2/6, Taman Ekoperniagaan, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor