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CDNetworks to Showcase WAAP Solution at Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt 2023, Booth H060, May 10-11, 2023

Attendees will see how CDNetworks uses additional beyond rule-based web protection methods and scenario-based risk management to safeguard an organization’s cloud infrastructures, applications, and business.

SINGAPORE, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, an APAC-leading network to deliver edge as a service, is excited to showcase its industry-leading Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) solution, along with a range of innovative products and services for Web Performance and Media Delivery, at the upcoming Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt 2023, on May 10-11, 2023, at Booth H060, in Hall 8, at Messe Frankfurt.

Introducing the WAAP Solution

Unlike other CDNetworks’ cloud security solutions, like Bot Shield, Application Shield, and API Shield, which protect organizations from specific attack vectors, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution is a cloud-based solution tailored to real business scenarios, with greater protection efficiencies and broader coverage.

With additional beyond rule-based web protection and advanced scenario-based risk management, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution significantly boosts the efficiency and accuracy of an organization’s cybersecurity protection. It allows organizations to protect specific business scenarios precisely without compromising the user experience of their online visitors. It also empowers organizations to safeguard their fundamental cloud infrastructures, address application-level threats, and guarantee smooth business operations comprehensively and seamlessly.

  • Infrastructures Security

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution secure fundamental infrastructures with globally distributed network and scrubbing capabilities.

With over 2800 global CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) and a cloud-based scrubbing center with a capacity of 15Tbps, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution also offers a DDoS protection service that is designed to deflect even the largest attacks to keep CDN operating at peak performance and helps organizations keep their sites and apps always available.

  • Application Security

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution protects an organization’s applications, data, and APIs with its intelligent web application firewall (WAF) protection and full lifecycle API management and protection.

With over 1,000 WAF signatures and policies, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution protects an organization’s application by detecting and preventing a wide range of web application attacks, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), file inclusion attacks, and other top threats published by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

In combination with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and third-party shared threat intelligence library, CDNetworks’ WAAP platform updates defense rules constantly and automatically to identify the latest threats before they occur. In addition, WAF Intelligent Analysis Services effectively reduce false positives while improving operational efficiencies.

Leveraging API Discovery features to identify known, unknown, and changing APIs throughout their lifecycle, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution fortifies an organization’s API security posture by employing multiple detection processes in real-time to thwart attacks before they reach the origin. Our WAAP solution also intelligently detects personal identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data in API response data where PII may be leaked or used by APIs to notice organizations to take further actions, ensuring the highest availability and protection of your API assets.

  • Business Security

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution protects an organization’s business with advanced Bot and risk management services.

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution provides a comprehensive AI-powered bot management service that effectively protects an organization’s digital business and prevents its sensitive web assets from being exploited for fraudulent purposes. This service helps to eliminate bad Bots, prevent web-asset hijacking, avoid network resource abuse, and eliminate other fraudulent attack behaviors that can have a serious impact on an organization’s revenue and brand reputation.

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution also provides more scenario-based risk management for specific scenarios, such as fraudulent account logins, promotional activities, and transactions. Its risk management center allows organizations to analyze and handle suspicious requests proactively using anomaly and risk-based scoring techniques that aid organizations in identifying and managing business risks.

CDNetworks’ WAAP solution includes even more powerful security services, including Vulnerability Scanning Service, Business Security Analysis, Security Strategy Optimization, and Professional Reporting Service. These security services provide security policy recommendations and optimize configurations aligned with an organization’s security infrastructure, security mandates, and business priorities. Backed by a security team that provides proactive monitoring and alert services for major events with reliable 24/7 continuity, CDNetworks’ WAAP solution provides organizations with one-stop protection for their business security.

“We are excited to share our Web Application and API Protection solution with industry professionals at Cloud Expo”, Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product of CDNetworks said. “Our solution represents a significant step forward for us in the field of security. We look forward to demonstrating how our solutions can make a significant impact to companies of all sizes when it comes to accelerating, securing, and controlling their digital business at the edge while delivering the optimum user experiences to users at any scale.”

Spurring Your Digital Business Innovation at the Edge

CDNetworks places significant importance when it comes to staying ahead of the curve in today’s competitive digital business climate. That’s why CDNetworks embraces the new era of Edge, and offers a range of cutting-edge solutions designed to spur your innovation at the edge.

CDNetworks’ Web Performance solution ensures lightning-fast website loading times, while our Security solution protects your online assets from cyberthreats. Additionally, our Media Delivery solution enables seamless streaming of high-quality video content to your audience. These suites of innovative products are designed from the ground up to allow you to take your digital business to the next level.

The following related solutions and services will be presented at the exhibition:

  • Web Performance

–  Dynamic Web Acceleration

–  Cloud DNS+

  • Security


–  Flood Shield (Volumetric DDoS Protection)

–  Enterprise Secure Access (Zero-Trust Solution)

–  Security Services

  • Media Delivery

–  Media Acceleration Live Broadcasting/Video-on-Demand

–  Cloud Streaming

–  Low Latency Streaming

–  Object Storage

We invite you to visit CDNetworks at Booth H060, in Hall 8, at Messe Frankfurt, to learn more about our comprehensive product portfolios. To schedule a meeting with CDNetworks’ experts at Cloud Expo, please visit https://www.cdnetworks.com/cloud-expo-europe-frankfurt/#bookMeeting.

About CDNetworks

As the APAC-leading network with over 2800 global Points of Presence and more than 20 years of technology experience, CDNetworks embraces the new era of Edge and takes it to the next level by using the Edge as a service to deliver the fastest and most secure digital experiences to end users. Our diverse products and services include web performance, media delivery, cloud security, zero trust security, and colocation services — all of which are uniquely designed to spur business innovation. To learn more, visit cdnetworks.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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