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Chindata Wins Data Center Design and Construction Award at the 2023 Datacloud Global Awards

BEIJING, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chindata Group Holdings Limited, (“Chindata” or “the Group”) (Nasdaq: CD), a leading provider of carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solutions in Asia-Pacific emerging markets, has again gained recognition from a distinguished international organization for its environmental, efficient, and zero-carbon construction efforts. The Group has been awarded the Data Center Design and Construction Award at the 2023 Datacloud Global Awards, recently held in Monaco. This year marks the second time that Chindata has picked up such an award after winning a Datacloud Global Hyperscale Innovation Award in 2019.

The Datacloud Global Awards are among the world’s most prestigious accolades for data centers, cloud computing, edge computing, and other critical IT infrastructure. The awards recognize exceptional enterprises, projects, and products in the field. Chindata won the award this year for its leading technology and environmental, efficient, and zero-carbon construction.

“We are incredibly proud to receive this recognition, which validates our team’s commitment to providing world-class data center services and solutions,” said Chindata’s related responsible person. “We are delighted to be recognized as the best in the industry and it motivates us more than ever to continue driving innovation and excellence in the global data center space. This award is a testament of our efforts and will inspire us to reach for the sky in the field of data center services.”

Chindata leads the data center design and construction with innovative green energy and modular prefabrication technologies

Chindata won the award with the Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus of the Pan-Beijing Area in China, which is the largest single hyperscale data center campus in the Asia Pacific and is expected to be fully operational by 2025. The success of the campus can be attributed to the Group’s focus on green energy, modular prefabrication innovations, and energy-saving technology. Since strategically selecting its location, Chindata has prioritized the hyperscale consumption of renewable energy alongside the development and operation of digital infrastructure, thereby creating new scenarios for applications within the digital industry.

With a deep focus on four major areas, namely, minimal power supply, optimal cooling, intelligent monitoring, and smart operation, Chindata has excelled in construction and design. The campus maintains an annual power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.16, continuously setting a benchmark for green operational practices across the data center sector. In recognition of its achievements, the campus was also honored with the 2022 China IDC Industry Green Computing Data Center Award.

Chindata’s commitment to technological innovation has enabled it to take on the mission of leading the next generation of environmentally friendly data centers, empowering the vibrant digital wave of emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The Group will continue to tackle industry challenges and set new standards for the development of data center services.

About Chindata Group

Chindata is a leading carrier-neutral hyperscale data center solution provider in Asia-Pacific emerging markets and a first mover in building next-generation hyperscale data centers in China, India and Southeast Asia markets, focusing on the whole life cycle of facility planning, investment, design, construction and operation of ecosystem infrastructure in the IT industry. Chindata provides its clients with business solutions in major countries and regions in Asia-Pacific emerging markets, including asset-heavy ecosystem chain services such as industrial bases, data centers and network services.