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CloudMile Establishes “Mile of Love” To Spread the Spirit of Caring

Flying From Cloud to Earth With Charity Drive

TAIPEI, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CloudMile, a leading cloud and AI service provider in Asia, and a certified Great Place to Work, is spreading its spirit of love and care back to society via the establishment of a non-profit arm, “Mile of Love”.

CloudMile cares about society. The company’s mission is to preserve human values and contribute to improving them – giving new hope to the disadvantaged and displaced, and accelerating climate action using Google technology to foster sustainability at scale.

Charity Event Raises Funds

The CloudMile Malaysia team took the lead and invited industry partners to join the company’s first charity event, including a silent auction powered by Google AppSheet, to support the disadvantaged and fundraise for IQ70 Plus, an unaffiliated non-profit that focuses on the welfare of mentally challenged children. The event received great support and response from all people in all walks of life, and showcased the spirit of CloudMile’s “Mile of Love”.

The money raised from CloudMile’s Customer Appreciation Day and silent auction was used to provide daily necessities for IQ70 Plus and CloudMile’s Malaysia team also worked together to repaint and clean up the IQ70 Plus facilities during the event. They also spent time to play with and educate the mentally-challenged children. 

CloudMile Commits to the Cloud and to the World

CloudMile is not only committed to the clouds but also cares about the world. The average human intelligence quotient (IQ) is about 100. However, some members of society have an IQ below 70, typically due to congenital disorders or issues related to various psychological and growth conditions.

IQ70 Plus is a nonprofit organization that has devoted itself to these “Angels with Broken Wings”, individuals who are challenged with IQ levels lower than 70. The “+” sign reflects their mission to lead children forward by seeking new breakthroughs and new hopes within the range of their abilities. CloudMile is deeply touched by these ideas, calling on enterprises to invest resources, and organizing a team to clean and improve IQ70 Plus facilities, including wiping ceiling fans, trimming grass, and interior and exterior paintwork.

“We at CloudMile believe in giving back to society, and playing our part to make the world a better place. Be the change you want to see in the world!”, says Lester Leong, CloudMile’s Malaysia Country Manager.

No Boundaries in the Cloud, or in Public Service

Cloud services not only provide more efficient resource management and more flexible computing capabilities but also break the limitations of traditional physical space. In this cloud world that is full of possibilities, CloudMile has limitless passion for public welfare services. In future, CloudMile will establish a website for “Mile of Love” to further support this community outreach.

The journey of “Mile of Love” started in Malaysia. Last Christmas, the Taiwan team followed up and ordered a Madeleine Christmas gift box from the Children Are Us Foundation as a year-end gift for colleagues. The next to join will be the Hong Kong team, spreading the love of CloudMile across thousands of miles. Cloud services have no borders, just as CloudMile’s belief in public welfare services is unlimited.