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How to Protect Your WordPress from Anti-Brute Force with Criminal IP FDS

TORRANCE, Calif., May 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Criminal IP, an OSINT-based search engine provided by AI Spera Inc., has announced the launch of a new WordPress plugin called Anti-Brute Force, Login Fraud Detector, also known as Criminal IP FDS (Fraud Detection System), on May 3. This latest development promises to revolutionize the digital security landscape by providing a comprehensive solution to detect and prevent fraudulent login attempts on WordPress websites.

Criminal IP FDS plugin provides enhanced security for WordPress users
Criminal IP FDS plugin provides enhanced security for WordPress users

Criminal IP, a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine, has recently launched a powerful WordPress security plugin called Anti-Brute Force, Login Fraud Detector. This plugin, also known as Criminal IP FDS, is seamlessly integrated with real-time intelligence data. As a result, WordPress, a popular Content Management System (CMS) tool used by websites around the world, is now better protected with the implementation of this cutting-edge plugin developed by Criminal IP FDS, which detects and blocks malicious IP addresses attempting to access WordPress sites. 

Hackers frequently gain access to important company servers or steal private information by attempting brute-force attacks on individual or corporate sites. To avoid tracking, it is common to bypass the IP address through VPNs, Proxy IPs, or to use unusual IP addresses through a Tor browser or hosting IP address. The Criminal IP FDS plugin is powered by Criminal IP’s threat intelligence technology, which collects and analyzes the latest data on IP addresses from around the world, thereby determining whether an IP address accessing your WordPress site is malicious.

Installing Criminal IP FDS on a WordPress site immediately blocks access while detecting login attempts from unusual IP addresses. Site administrators can check a variety of detailed information, including IP addresses subject to login restrictions, their geographic location (country), the reason for login restriction, and the date and time of detection in the Blocked IP Address List. Specific IP addresses can also be added to the Whitelist to allow login. Check out the Criminal IP FDS Plugin Page to learn more about its description and features.

To install Criminal IP FDS for WordPress, simply search for “Criminal IP” or “Criminal IP Brute Force” in the search bar in the WordPress Plugin menu. You can register for a free Criminal IP account and find your API key on the My Information page. Once you have your API key, you can immediately utilize the Criminal IP FDS plugin by inputting your issued API Key on the plugin’s settings tab.

Since Criminal IP launched its official service on April 17, 2023, after a year of successful beta testing, this CTI search engine has gained global notoriety in cybersecurity, with 3 million visitors from over 200 countries. Additionally, Criminal IP has plans to expand its API integration in the near future.

About AI Spera: AI Spera provides an OSINT-based CTI from a hacker’s perspective by developing the latest AI-driven security technologies. AI Spera defends against ever-evolving cyber threats, spanning education and research, corporate security teams, white hackers, national agencies, and cybercrime investigation organizations.