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Knnex has added strength and successfully obtained the Canadian MSB license, boosting the international market layout.

After successfully obtaining the US MSB license, the Knnex Exchange returned with a great reputation and won the Canadian MSB license, adding luster to its position in the global regulatory system.

SINGAPORE, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the Knnex Exchange has again made important achievements and successfully obtained the Canada MSB (Money Services Business) license issued by the financial crime Regulatory Authority of Canada (FINTRAC). At the same time, the Knnex Exchange has obtained the US MSB license issued by the US Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN). With these two internationally recognized dual regulatory licenses, Knnex’s cross-border regulatory advantages are increasingly prominent, paving the way for its business development in the global market.

Introduction to Canadian MSB License Plate

The Canadian MSB license is issued by the Canadian government to ensure that financial institutions comply with the corresponding provisions in anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorist financing (CFT). Obtaining an MSB license means that the exchange’s legitimate business status in Canada has been recognized by the government and indicates that Knnex Exchange’s efforts in compliance management and risk control have been recognized.

Obtaining the Canadian MSB license will help the Knnex Exchange expand its business in the global market and provide users with higher-quality financial services. With the support of the Canadian financial regulatory authority, the Exchange will be able to provide users with more secure and convenient cryptocurrency trading services locally and actively participate in the innovation and development of the local financial market.

It is reported that after obtaining the US MSB license, Knnex Exchange has actively carried out business layouts and extensive cooperation with local financial institutions. This time, the acquisition of the Canadian MSB license signifies the continuous consolidation of the Exchange’s compliant operating foundation in the North American market, laying a solid foundation for its global business development. Against the backdrop of increasingly strict global regulatory environment, the cross-border regulatory advantages of exchanges will help them continue to innovate in the international market and have stronger competitiveness in the cryptocurrency field.

Knnex’s strength and determination in compliance operations

As a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, Knnex Exchange always adheres to rigorous compliance management and risk control concepts. It ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations in all business processes. Obtaining dual MSB licenses in the United States and Canada once again proves the strength and determination of Knnex Exchange in compliance operations.

Knnex Exchange will continue to expand its market globally and provide users with safer and more professional cryptocurrency trading services while complying with national laws and regulations. At the same time, the Exchange will also invest more resources in studying and responding to global regulatory policies to ensure that its business development is always in line with international financial regulatory standards.

The Knnex Exchange has successfully obtained dual MSB licenses in the United States and Canada, once again demonstrating its strength in the global regulatory compliance field. This will help the Knnex Exchange further consolidate its position in the global market and play a greater role in future financial technology innovation and business development. As a leader in cryptocurrency trading, Knnex Exchange is bound to continue to provide high-quality financial products and services to global users, becoming a benchmark and model in the industry.

In the current era of increasingly fierce industry competition, Knnex Exchange has always regarded regulatory compliance as its core competitiveness while continuously innovating and optimizing its products and services. Knnex will actively embrace regulation, bring more compliant and safe investment opportunities to users, and continue to expand its influence in the global market.

Knnex drives the development of the cryptocurrency industry based on compliance.

In the future, Knnex will continue to deepen cooperation with national regulators, improve compliance in the global market, and work with local financial institutions to build a cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition, Knnex will further promote the application and popularization of blockchain technology to realize the value of cryptocurrencies in various fields.

In the trend of increasingly diversified global financial markets, Knnex will continue to pay attention to changes in the global market, actively respond to challenges, and achieve a balance between compliance and innovation. In this process, Knnex Exchange will provide more high-quality financial products and services to global users and make positive contributions to the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

After successfully obtaining the Canadian MSB license, Knnex Exchange will take this opportunity to further enhance its strength in the global regulatory compliance field. As Knnex’s influence in the global market continues to expand, we believe that the Knnex exchange will continue to play an important role in the future cryptocurrency trading market and bring higher-quality financial products and services to global users.

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