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Knnex Obtains Dual MSB Registrations in The US And Canada to Provide Users With More Secure and Reliable Digital Currency Trading Services

SINGAPORE, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Knnex Exchange has been committed to providing a more secure, efficient, and convenient trading platform for digital currency trading enthusiasts. With this philosophy, Knnex, as an emerging digital currency exchange, has made remarkable achievements in just a few years by virtue of its solid service foundation and innovative platform functions. Recently, Knnex receives a message worthy of celebration – Knnex successfully obtains dual MSB registrations in the US and Canada. This honor is not only a high degree of recognition and trust for Knnex but also another guarantee for the asset security of most users. It is worth mentioning that obtaining dual MSB registrations in the US and Canada is extremely rare in the current digital currency market. Therefore, the honor conferred by dual MSB registrations highlights Knnex’s features and efforts in the following areas:

Top quality certified by authoritative government agencies

When investors choose blockchain exchanges, MSB registration is often one of the important factors, and an important basis for choosing a guaranteed, secure, and reliable exchange. The MSB registration is a regulatory certification of money service providers, indicating that the holding enterprise obtains the approval and recognition of relevant government regulatory authorities in terms of regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering in financial services. Therefore, compared with other exchanges without MSB registration, Knnex is more compliant and excels at management, technical strength, and risk prevention. The dual MSB registrations prove that Knnex meets the high standards and requirements of financial regulation in the US and Canada and demonstrates its international prestige and leading position.

At the same time, the dual MSB registrations also confirm Knnex’s continuous efforts to upgrade its internal compliance system. Knnex has reached the international level in terms of technical strength, management system, risk prevention, and compliance operation. Therefore, Knnex boasts a more complete internal compliance management system and anti-money laundering risk control system that can effectively prevent black money and illegal funds from entering the trading platform. This determination and investment also show Knnex’s confidence in and commitment to the development of the industry.

The inheritance of user security first service purpose

The dual MSB registrations obtained by Knnex not only symbolize its firm commitment to user privacy and asset security but also illustrate its concrete practice of adhering to the service concept of “security, transparency, and efficiency” all the time. To ensure the security of user assets, Knnex proposes and implements several security mechanisms to establish the basis of mutual trust. These mechanisms include communication encryption based on SSL/TLS data encryption transmission technology, and standard data processing, thus further reducing the risk of system vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, Knnex also adopts excess asset storage that stores user assets independently in cold wallets, ensuring the security of asset storage and effectively blocking various asset risks by combining multi-level defense mechanisms. Comprehensive security measures show the image of Knnex as a highly responsible trading platform, which is the key to winning the continued trust and support of users.

Evidence of increasing market competitiveness

Knnex’s excellent performance in the industry is largely reflected in its continuously strengthening position in the industry. As a robust and secure digital asset trading platform, the scale of Knnex’s digital currency business is increasing year by year, and its user base is also gradually expanding. At present, Knnex establishes an enviable reputation in dozens of countries and regions and gains the favor of more than 10 million registered users around the world. The successful acquisition of dual MSB registrations in important countries such as the US and Canada is not only a strong testament to Knnex’s outstanding industry competitiveness but also an important step for Knnex to consolidate its reputation and strengthen its position in the market. The dual registrations are only a starting point for Knnex because Knnex will continue to enhance the core competitiveness of its trading platform and provide users with more diversified and thoughtful digital currency trading services.

Grand welfare activity of “Expand Market, Feedback Users.

To celebrate Knnex’s obtaining dual MSB registrations in the US and Canada, Knnex will officially launch a themed activity of “Expand Market, Feedback Users” to thank global users for their support and trust in Knnex. In this activity, all users who deposit through their Knnex wallet account will enjoy a bonus of up to 5-8%. At the same time, Knnex will set higher standards for itself and strive to create a better trading environment, thus providing users around the world with a superior trading experience.

For Knnex, user support serves as a solid foundation on which the platform can develop and grow. Knnex always adheres to the principle of “Expand Market, Feedback Users”, and constantly carries out market expansion and innovation to better meet the needs of users. With unremitting efforts, Knnex gradually becomes a leader in the industry, increasing its market share and gaining wide acclaim from industry professionals. However, Knnex will continue to reform and innovate to become an industry leader in providing the best services to users. In the future, Knnex will continue to adhere to this principle, enhance its reputation and competitiveness in the industry, and offer users a more stable and secure trading experience with higher quality to feedback on their long-term support and trust.

Milestone and a new beginning

In the blockchain market full of intense competition, the development of Knnex is confronted with challenges and opportunities. Obtaining dual MSB registrations in the US and Canada is not only a significant milestone but also a new beginning for Knnex’s further development. In the future, Knnex will continue to build up its strength by improving and expanding the variety of trading products, enhancing the stability of platform operation, and ensuring the security and privacy of users. With the core concept of “putting user needs first and providing more convenient and high-quality digital asset trading services in a secure, rapid and stable manner”, Knnex will continue to provide users with more and better digital currency trading services.

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