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MAXST, expanded application of AR glasses through global technological cooperation with EPSON

SEOUL, South Korea, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MAXST (KRX: 377030, KQ) announced on May 16th that they have developed and distributed a customized AR development solution for the new augmented reality (AR) smart glasses released by Japan’s Seiko Epson Corporation (referred to as Epson). With the recent release of version 6.0, MAXST’s AR SDK has expanded the scope of application of AR technology to Epson’s smart glasses, as well as RealWear and Nreal smart glasses. This is the result of continuous technical cooperation between MAXST and Epson in the field of AR.

Through this collaboration, MAXST’s AR development solution (MAXST AR SDK) has been applied to Epson’s new Moverio smart glasses (model name: BT-45CS), enabling them to provide a high-quality AR experience. MAXST optimized their AR engine for Epson’s glasses to improve the precise target tracking capabilities of their smart glasses. Through this, it is possible to create sophisticated AR apps for smart glasses, providing a more immersive AR experience. In particular, it is possible to create AR content through an ‘optical see-through’ method that implements AR content on a transparent display.

MAXST plans to expand the range of smart glasses that their MAXST AR SDK supports through continuous technical collaboration with other technology companies. Additionally, MAXST will enable developers to build high-quality AR apps by providing calibration for each device and detailed SDK customization.

Epson is a Japanese company founded in 1942 that manufactures computers, printers, and image-related equipment. Recently, they have been expanding their business area to wearable devices and visual communication. In November of last year, Epson unveiled Moverio BT-45CS, a new smart glasses model that applied AR technology to increase work efficiency and improve safety at industrial sites.

Maxst CTO Vice President Kyusung Cho said, “We plan to establish various partnerships to provide realistic AR content by optimizing the MAXST AR SDK 6.0, which was released in May 2023, for various smart glasses. By constantly upgrading our AR technology, we will provide an environment in which AR content that interacts with reality can be developed and utilized for various purposes.”



MAXST(KRX: 377030) is a metaverse leading company that has unrivaled technologies such as commericalization of global top-level AR source technology, Sensor Fusion SLAM and 3D Reconstruction technology. Maxst is currently a public trust company listed on the Korean KOSDAQ market providing globally renowned AR SDK, industrial AR solution MAXWORK and Reality-based metaverse platform MAXVERSE.