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MDT Launches TMR2625x Programmable TMR Linear Sensors with 2MHz Bandwidth for Current Sensing

New TMR Sensor Series Offers Excellent Temperature Stability and Versatility, Enabling Wideband Current Sensing Solutions for High-speed Power Electronics

NUREMBERG, Germany and ZHANGJIAGANG, China, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT), a leading manufacturer  of magnetic sensors specializing in Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology, has introduced the TMR265x linear magnetic field sensors at Sensor+Test 2023. Designed to provide wideband current sensing for high-speed power electronics, these sensors feature a 2MHz bandwidth, and they are equipped with a built-in programmable signal conditioning ASIC that supports temperature-calibrated customization of sensitivity and measurement range up to ±1000 Gauss. Through factory presetting or user-performed in-field programming, they offer high uniformity and temperature stability of critical performance metrics for a variety of high-frequency and high-precision sensor applications, including current sensing, rotary encoders, and non-destructive testing.

The TMR265x series sets a new standard with the highest frequency response of 2MHz among all signal-conditioned magnetic field and current sensing ICs on the market, making it ideal for current monitoring in high-speed power electronics such as silicon-carbide (SiC) / gallium-nitride (GaN) power switches. The programmable signal conditioning ASIC supports enhanced versatility in optimizing the critical performance parameters toward specific application requirements. The user-programmable option provides a flexible and efficient way to explore various design choices from concept to production. The enriched feature set of TMR265x enables customers to accelerate their development cycle and time-to-market for high-volume, performance-critical sensor applications.

Key features and benefits of TMR265x include:

  • Wide bandwidth from DC to 2MHz.
  • Programmable linear range up to ±1000 Gauss with customizable sensitivity, supporting wide current measurement ranges.
  • Multi-point temperature compensation, achieving excellent temperature stability in -40~125 °C.
  • Two versions with native linear range in ±1000 Gauss (TMR2651D) and ±500 Gauss (TMR2652D).
  • Two supply voltage settings in 5.0V and 3.3V.
  • Excellent linearity and low hysteresis.
  • User-performed in-field calibration through the optional programming toolkit.
  • Compact 3*2*0.75mm DFN6L package.

The TMR265x sensors are immediately available to order from Digi-key at competitive pricing, making them suitable for general-purpose magnetic field measurement for a wide variety of sensor applications.

For pricing, delivery and technical inquiries, please contact MDT or visit MDT at Sensor+Test 2023, booth 1-639 in Nuremberg, Germany from May 9-11.

About MDT
MultiDimension Technology was founded in 2010 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Ningbo in China, Tokyo, Japan, and San Jose, Calif., USA. MDT has developed a unique intellectual property portfolio, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that can support volume production of high-performance, low-cost TMR magnetic sensors to satisfy the most demanding application needs. Led by its core management team of elite experts and veterans in magnetic sensor technology and engineering services, MDT is committed to creating added value for its customers and ensuring their success. For more information about MDT please visit

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