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TeamT5 Launch a Conceptive Bar at CYBERSEC to Tailor Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection

Join hands with ST Engineering to strengthen enterprise IT & OT cybersecurity defense

TAIPEI, May 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In this hot summer, Asia-Pacific threat intelligence expert TeamT5 comes up with a conceptive bar for CYBERSEC, the biggest Taiwan cybersecurity event. The booth with bar ideas symbolizes – while a bartender produces an extraordinary cocktail that is a perfect fit for the customer’s taste, TeamT5 provides tailored enterprise cybersecurity protection just as a bartender does.

TeamT5 Launch a Conceptive Bar at CYBERSEC to Tailor Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection
TeamT5 Launch a Conceptive Bar at CYBERSEC to Tailor Enterprise Cybersecurity Protection

TeamT5 believes that the best enterprise cybersecurity defense is driven by intelligence which should be customized for clients. We not only fully understand the characteristics of cyber attackers, but also understand their intrusion methods and tools.

Also, TeamT5 invited its partner ST Engineering, a listed company in Singapore, to come to Taiwan and share insights. The two parties will integrate information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) intelligence and provide comprehensive protection for clients. By working together, TeamT5 and ST Engineering hope to provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity and assist enterprises in mitigating the risks of cyber threats. This will enable enterprises to meet the ever-changing market demand and achieve long-term success.

The scale of this year’s CYBERSEC is larger than ever. Apart from setting an attractive bar, TeamT5 also participated in conference forums, ransomware forums, and CyberLAB, to share best cybersecurity practices. TeamT5 also calls on enterprises to carry out intelligence-driven cyber defense and adopt action-oriented intelligence to help enterprises foresee attacks, deploy defense strategies in advance, and reduce loss.

[About TeamT5]
TeamT5 consists of top cyber threat analysts with more than 20-year experience. We provide cyber threat intelligence reports and anti-ransomware solutions to Asia Pacific clients in industries like government agencies, financial business, telecom operators, high-tech enterprises, electronic manufacturing service companies, and managed security service providers(MSSP).

We’re also frequently invited to share our insights in Black Hat (USA), Code Blue/ AVTokyo (Japan), Troopers(Germany) and other events by global organizations such as Hack In The Box, FIRST.

In 2022, TeamT5 has secured Series A funding as it looks to expand into the Japanese market. The round was led by JAFCO Asia, the Asia group company of the prevailing Japanese venture capital firm. Also participating were ITOCHU, one of Japan’s largest multinational corporations with many business units globally, as well as MACNICA, Japan’s predominant cybersecurity service provider.