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The Upcoming Launch of WUBEN X3 EDC Flashlight on Kickstarter: The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Utility

SHENZHEN, China, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wuben, the easy carry light innovator, has announced that it will launch its latest product, X3, also known as The Owl, an EDC flashlight with a 180° rotating head, on Kickstarter on May 10th, 2023. The campaign will last till 10 a.m. EST on June 9th.

“As an EDC flashlight brand with years of industry experience, WUBEN has always been committed to innovation and invested in the research and development of new products,” said Asim, CEO of WUBEN. “Breaking through conventions and addressing user pain points is one of the driving forces behind the creation of the X3. We believe our easy-carry light X3 will become a new must-have companion for outdoor enthusiasts. We are also open for feedback from our users, as we create products for users’ needs.”

With the 180° swivel head, the X3 flashlight provides effortless flexibility to adjust the direction of the light source. Whether held in hands or clipped onto a jacket pocket, it offers adaptable illumination for various activities like work, daily life, and adventures.

Wuben X3 is a waterproof flashlight with an IP65 waterproof rating. It is also a high lumen flashlight with 1200 lumens. The X3 is also lightweight and easy to operate, providing a better user experience. Weighing only 70g, the X3 can be clipped onto the backpack of outdoor enthusiasts, freeing up their hands and helping them move more easily at night. It can also be clipped onto the brim of a cap when walking the dog at night, providing light without adding extra weight. The magnetic tail cap design allows it to be conveniently attached to any iron object, such as meter boxes or car hoods.

The X3 is known as The Owl due to its owl-shaped design. Its complex manufacturing process, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, semi-transparent housing, wireless charging, night glow, and breathing light, makes it highly functional while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. The Wireless Charging Box is a multi-functional accessory that serves as both a wireless charging and protective case and can also function as a power bank to charge other devices. Additionally, the diffuser softens the light, seamlessly transforming the X3 into a camping lantern, tent light, or bedside nightlight.

As a combination of emergency lighting and charging equipment, the X3 is an essential product for outdoor enthusiasts. With the longest battery life of up to 100 days, the X3 solves the problem of users’ phone battery anxiety. The digital display design also ensures users have a clear understanding of the battery level, offering a useful reference for organizing their itinerary during outdoor activities, such as hiking.

The X3 is the latest addition to WUBEN’s highly acclaimed Lightok series. The series, also known as the X series, was first introduced in 2022 and has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional quality. The first product of the series, the X0, has earned high praise from both professional outdoor enthusiasts and flashlight enthusiasts alike. Then The X1 and X2 were released in late 2022. The X2 was tailored for EDC flashlight players and was met with great success through crowdfunding, exceeding its expected crowdfunding goal. This demonstrated the strong support for innovative products from users.

With its sleek and compact design, the X3 is poised to appeal to a much broader audience, including female users, and is an ideal gift option. WUBEN’s Lightok series has been trusted and known for its superior quality and dependable performance. The X3 is no exception, and it is expected to continue the tradition of excellence that has made the series so popular.


Established in 2016, WUBEN has gained recognition for producing high-quality EDC flashlights, rechargeable LED flashlights, and bike lights. The brand’s founder is a passionate outdoor enthusiast who was inspired to create WUBEN after discovering that his friends carried heavy and low-quality flashlights during their outdoor adventures. WUBEN is an innovator of easy carry lights (ECL) and has achieved the Guinness record for the brightest and largest flashlights. A brand trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, WUBEN has expanded to over 30 countries and regions worldwide, with a commitment to making lighting more portable, travel lighter, and outdoor adventures more refined.

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