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Tuya Smart Enters Strategic Partnership With T3 Technology and Skyworth Digital to Build a Global Smart Home Ecosystem

SHENZHEN, China, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, today entered a trilateral strategic partnership with T3 Technology, a prominent telecom solutions provider in Southeast Asia, and Skyworth Digital, a digital home solutions provider. The parties aim to advance the application of smart home products and solutions in the Southeast Asian market. They will also develop a global, network-centric smart home ecosystem called “Own the Household,” based on Tuya’s IoT technology, T3 Technology’s brand recognition, and Skyworth Digital’s telecom operator channels.

T3 Technology is a well-known supplier of communication terminal products in Thailand. With a long history of robust growth, it has supplied communication devices, smart home products, and solutions to Thai families. It was the first company to offer Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 in Thailand. Between 2018 and 2022, it held the largest market share in B2B broadband services in Thailand. The T3 Smart brand serves more than 1.5 million households and 6 million users.

Skyworth Digital focuses on providing comprehensive and methodical digital home solutions and services to global users. To create a digital life with ultra-high definition and intelligent interconnection, Skyworth Digital actively expands the market scale and platform advantages of “multi-intelligent” terminals while exploring the global market and reaching smart homes, smart healthcare, smart cities, and other sectors.

Through the partnership, the three parties aim to create a secure and effective global smart home ecosystem.

By leveraging Tuya’s PaaS 2.0 developer platform capabilities, T3 Technology can develop more individualized and distinctive smart home products across a range of categories, including home appliances, lighting, security, sensing and electrical services. T3 Technology was able to quickly develop the T3 Smart App based on the Tuya App SDK service, realizing easy control of smart home appliances. This facilitates the three parties to build the “Own the Household” solution.

“Own the Household,” based on network connectivity, can give operators access to a visual and expandable smart home management system to assist end users in realizing in-app interaction and multi-scene mode control, upgrading their experience with smart homes. Relying on Tuya’s strong IoT ecosystem and global channels, the three parties will continue to drive the construction of a smart home ecosystem in the Southeast Asian market and expand globally. Tuya will also use the Cube Solution to help T3 Technology and Skyworth Digital build a one-stop exclusive cloud platform.

“The partnership marks a new turning point in the growth of the IoT ecosystem and telecom industry ecosystem integration. Smartization has recently evolved into a driving force of both green development and business transformation for international companies. The three parties will further unleash the vitality of the global smart home market, and work together to promote the global smart home ecosystem to the sizable home user base, based on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, the brand advantages of T3 Technology, and the resource channels of Skyworth Digital,” said Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Tuya Smart.

“T3 Technology has always put the needs of the consumer first, which is a primary reason we have come together with Tuya and Skyworth Digital. Since this is our third year working with Tuya, we are confident that our partnership with them and Skyworth Digital will help the T3 Smart brand expand into more homes, promote IoT applications in Southeast Asia and internationally, and create a network of smart home ecosystems with a variety of smart products and scenarios,” said Leo Yu, CEO of T3 Technology.

“It is a privilege for us to offer reliable and first-rate smart products and services to our consumers in Thailand and Greater Southeast Asia. As more smart home devices are introduced to local families, this three-way relationship will strengthen each company’s key competitive advantages and improve the product and service capabilities of our operator customers. Additionally, we will collaborate with Tuya and T3 Technology to offer premium IoT products and services to more operator clients globally,” said Daniel Xu, General Manager of Skyworth’s Overseas Access Network Division.

Additionally, Tuya plans to enable Skyworth Digital to launch a smart router that incorporates a Zigbee gateway to facilitate an easier network distribution procedure for IoT devices.

The trilateral cooperation not only deepens existing collaborations but also has the potential to redefine the global smart home market, which relies on local operator channels to quickly deploy and promote smart home products and build a smart home ecosystem. Tuya will continue to leverage its core technology and ecosystem advantages to enable global customers to realize transformation and upgrading of various industries, provide technical support for more customers’ overseas business, and promote global intelligent development.