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A 1.3GW supply agreement between Aikosolar and Memodo Group just signed — joining hands for deep tapping of the European market

MUNICH, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The annual Solar energy technology Fair in Munich, Germany — InterSolar, which is also a playing field for outstanding PV companies in the world, was held in June this year, at which Aikosolar (600732.SH) with its N-type ABC (all-back contact) series products gained a lot of favorable attention, almost comparable to a large order signed with its overseas customer. On June 14 local time, the very first day of InterSolar exhibition, Aikosolar officially concluded a GW-level contract for in-depth cooperation with German Memodo Group.

Two major players joined together to tap the European PV market

Founded in 2013, Memodo Group has been the fastest growing and industry-leading distributor of photovoltaic, energy storage, charging stations and heat pump systems in Europe, with a focus on contributing to the high-tech new energy industry, and committed to driving the energy transition and shaping a sustainable future, and providing customers with customized solutions.

As a global leader in PV technology innovation, Aikosolar has won high recognition from Memodo in terms of product quality, product efficiency, production scale and R&D level, and the two sides will carry out long-term cooperation in the high-end distributed PV market in Europe. From experiment to implementation, in the spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, Aikosolar has been promoting and leading the cutting-edge PV technology iteration. Its self-developed ABC module, which ranks first in the world for its high-efficiency crystalline silicon modules, has passed the TÜV SÜD test certification, with the highest efficiency reaching 24.27% and the delivery efficiency reaching 24.0%, meaning its higher capability of power generation within the same area, especially its all-black contact gridless quality aesthetics that has won the favor of high-end European customers.

“We are proud to have established a strong partnership with an excellent local partner like Memodo and supply high-quality PV products to customers in the European market, so as to accelerate the process of carbon neutrality in Europe. This collaboration will bring a long-term impact and help realize a zero-carbon society.” Said by Chen Gang, Aikosolar Chairman & GM, at the signing ceremony.

Tobias Wenleder, Memodo Group CEO and Founder, expressed that “Based on the continuous exploration of market development and the relentless pursuit of innovative technologies and products, Memodo has chosen Aikosolar to enter into a long-term partnership and distribute high-quality ABC modules throughout Europe. Our collaboration in the field of clean energy will be strengthened and more innovative and, together we’ll deliver more value to our customers on the journey to the energy future.”

An industry leader in conversion efficiency for mass production

Founded in 1991, each year the InterSolar attracts well-known PV companies from all over the world with the latest technologies and products to present. Being widely recognized and signing large order contracts with well-known overseas customers during the exhibition against the strong competition, it is the result of Aikosolar’s long-term focus and deep cultivation in PV energy field, as well as its long-established leadership in terms of product deliverables and mass production conversion efficiency.

Public information shows that Aikosolar pioneered the ABC battery and module technology with complete independent intellectual property rights, which is due to the following multiple advantages of the technology: high conversion efficiency, low power attenuation, excellent temperature coefficient performance, and excellent low light response, because the system using ABC modules has higher installed capacity per unit area and higher power generation efficiency per unit area, plus the lower system cost.

“In the context of ‘dual carbon’ reduction, the global demand for new installed PV capacity is strong, PV is a hot track, it’s also a fierce competition track, therefore, further reduce costs and improve the conversion efficiency as high as possible, is not only the key to higher downstream profitability, but also the key indicator for upstream competition.” As told by market players, the industry has been constantly trying new paths and new processes to improve conversion efficiency and reduce production costs. However, for the downstream players, the conversion efficiency that can be commercialized for mass production and delivery shall be more realistic. For M10, Aikosolar is the first manufacturer in the world with deliverable modules and its conversion efficiency exceeding 24% for mass production.

Public information shows that after setting the world record of 23.6% conversion efficiency in TaiyangNews PV module mass production in March 2023, Aikosolar has made a new record in N-type ABC module conversion efficiency in May 2023, and in June 2023, Aikosolar once again ranked first in the list of TaiyangNews modules (at 24%), which was the fourth consecutive month that Aikosolar’s ABC module “topped the list”, continuously showing its technical strength to the market.

A team of progressive technocrats

With more than a decade’s perseverance, Aikosolar has been focusing on the research and development of mass production technology in the field of PV energy since its establishment in 2009, making it not only an important promoter of technological progress in the industry, but also the leader of technology iteration among its peers.

In 2021, Aikosolar launched the industry’s first ABC battery, and in 2022, it launched high-efficiency modules based on ABC batteries. To date, the company’s ABC battery mass production efficiency is higher than 26.5%, and the module deliverable efficiency has maintained a level of 24.0%. In the era of N-type production, Aikosolar has entered the technical “zone of zero competitors”.

It is understood that Aikosolar’s ABC products have six core advantages, namely: full-life-cycle hot spot risk control and module-level automatic optimization technology, full-area light exposure and all-silicon power generation technology, all-back contact electrode technology, all-back passivation contact technology, silver-free metal coating technology, and whole-industry-chain end-to-end technological innovation. The front side of the ABC battery is not shielded by electrode grid lines, meaning 100% reception of sunlight, an effective reduction of optical loss and great improvement of aesthetic degree; In addition, Aikosolar pioneered the use of silver-free technology for mass production of ABC batteries, which has eliminated the barrier of “silver consumption” for large-scale development of the PV industry.

The aforementioned market players believe that the signing of this supply agreement is a further recognition of the company’s ABC series products by the industry. Aikosolar’s unique understanding of the future development trend of solar cell technology, its mastery of the new generation ABC solar cell and module technology with high conversion efficiency, not only means its leading position in the PV industry chain’s new round of technological iterations, but also means the expected performance with a driving force from the continuous release of its new production capacity.