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ACROBiosystems expands custom GMP-grade protein services to drive CGT development and commercialization

TOKYO, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cell and gene therapy (CGT) is a cutting-edge therapy that combats cancer by bolstering the immune system through stem cell infusions or modified immune cells. However, manufacturing cell therapies is no easy feat.

To support the commercialization of cell therapies, ACROBiosystems is now offering a global custom GMP-grade protein services. As part of their service platform for preclinical / clinical research, ACROBiosystems’ custom GMP-grade protein services is specifically designed for raw or ancillary materials used in CGT manufacturing.

With experience in developing over 5,000 recombinant protein products and 10+ years in protein development and manufacturing, ACROBiosystems’ is a well-established enterprise in this field. Offering a wide expanse of growth factors for cell culture and different product grades (e.g., RUO, Premium, and GMP), ACROBiosystems’ product catalog is designed to maintain a comprehensive list of reagents necessary throughout the drug development process, starting from discovery to commercialization. 

Customers will have their own specific needs that require a personalized solution. Complementing ACROBiosystems’ extensive product portfolio is their GMP-grade protein custom services. This includes a variety of protein expression systems, including mammalian, prokaryotic, insect, and yeast protein expression systems. Similarly, purification methods, protein labels, and any other modifications can be designed to meet each customer’s needs.

To assist with the transition from preclinical to clinical research, premium-grade reagents are offered, as a ‘snapshot’ into the performance of GMP-grade reagents. Furthermore, an ‘upgrade’ service is also offered to quickly convert non-GMP reagents into GMP-grade products. Development starting from targeted protein design, gene synthesis, vector construction, protein expression and scale-up production services is also available.

Supporting ACROBiosystems’ custom GMP-grade protein services will be an expansive GMP-grade production facility, boasting over 180,000 sq. ft. dedicated to manufacturing GMP-grade products such as proteins, enzymes, and antibodies. This aligns with ACROBiosystems’ commitment to providing the high-quality reagents for their customers’ clinical research and commercial production requirements across the globe.

About ACROBiosystems Inc.

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