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Aiko Solar’s ABC Modules with 24% Delivery Efficiency Win The Intersolar AWARD 2023

MUNICH, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Intersolar AWARD 2023 was officially unveiled at the Munich International Convention Center. Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aiko Solar“, stock code: 600732.SH) has independently developed high-efficiency ABC (All Back Contact) modules with delivery efficiency of 24%, which have been highly recognized by the panel of judges for breakthrough innovative technology. Aiko Solar stands out from a pool of ten finalists and won the Intersolar AWARD 2023.

The annual Intersolar AWARD is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. This award aims to select the most innovative and disruptive products and technologies in the photovoltaic industry for the year. An independent panel of judges composed of international experts selects industry-leading innovators based on indicators such as innovation, technological creativity, environmental impact, business value, etc.

The Intersolar panellists state that, The ABC modules created by Aiko Solar combine N-type solar cells with passivating contacts and back-contact architectures to create some of the world’s most powerful modules. The ABC modules reach a capacity of 620W at 24.0% efficiency, significantly higher than most available solar panels. The glass backsheet modules have impressive temperature coefficients and a 30-year power warranty.

In addition to technical excellence, Aiko Solar’s ABC modules feature clean aesthetics with no grid lines on front, which suiting a wide range of construction projects. The Intersolar panel of judges also praises Aiko Solar for metalizing ABC modules without using silver, which significantly reduces silver consumption and is therefore more environment-friendly.

Dr. Christian Peter, president of the European Research Institute of Aiko Solar, said in his award-winning speech: “This win of Intersolar AWARD 2023 is the best proof that Aiko’s continuous investment in innovation and unremitting pursuit of technological height have been recognized by the industry.”

Based on the high efficiency, clean aesthetics and long lifespans of products, Aiko Solar gains a lot of popularity at Intersolar Europe. During the exhibition, Aiko Solar officially signed a 1.3GW ABC Modules supply agreement with Memodo Group, a German leading solar and energy storage wholesaler in Europe.

Under this agreement, Aiko Solar will supply Memodo with 1.3GW of ABC Modules. The two parties will engage in extensive cooperation, leveraging their complementary strengths in areas such as products and localization services.