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BingX Integrates Tealstreet to Enhance Crypto Automated Trading

SINGAPORE, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BingX, one of the leading crypto exchanges, has recently announced its integration with Tealstreet, a cutting edge trading interface for crypto derivatives. This integration aims to enhance crypto automated trading and make it more efficient and successful. BingX users will be allowed to implement their automated trading strategies with exclusive resources from the platform.

BingX Integrates Tealstreet to Enhance Crypto Automated Trading
BingX Integrates Tealstreet to Enhance Crypto Automated Trading

Tealstreet’s software is designed to streamline order placement, position management, and day-to-day operations, offering a convenient and enhanced trading experience. Developed by experienced traders who sought a competitive edge, Tealstreet stands out with its free-to-use business model, innovative order tools, and consistent mobile experience.

Tealstreet’s CEO, Sam, initially created the platform for his personal trading and later expanded it based on the community’s demand to trade with the same powerful tools. With a strong focus on community engagement, Tealstreet aims to provide advanced trading tools to traders of all levels. Their mission is to support users in developing their trading and risk management skills, helping them thrive in the market.

The partnership between BingX and Tealstreet aligns with BingX’s commitment to fostering an ecosystem that caters to the needs of both social and automated trading. Regardless of users’ expertise levels, BingX offers valuable opportunities to enhance market understanding and refine trading strategies. By collaborating with esteemed organizations like Tealstreet, BingX empowers its users to make informed trading decisions.

Elvisco Carrington, the Public Relations and Communications Director at BingX, emphasized the significance of this integration, stating, “In addition to our focus on social trading, BingX is dedicated to creating an enhanced ecosystem for automated trading. Whether individuals possess professional expertise or are novices in the field, our platform offers invaluable opportunities to enhance market comprehension and refine trading strategies. Moving forward, BingX remains dedicated to forging strategic alliances with esteemed organizations such as Tealstreet, enabling our users to make judicious and well-informed trading choices.”

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