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These expanded services allow more gamers to take control of their in-game destinies.

VILNIUS, Lithuania, June 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Eldorado.gg simplifies the process for gamers who are looking for fast and easy ways to enhance their experiences. This marketplace allows anyone to trade without fear because there is a scammer-free guarantee.

These services have been exclusively for English-speaking customers in the past. Recognizing this issue as a potential barrier for many gamers, Eldorado.gg is proud to announce its expansion into Spanish-language services.

“As an international company determined to serve players all over the world, we are no longer limiting ourselves to just English-speaking market,” said Modestas Mika, Chief Communications Officer for Eldorado.gg. “We understand there are a lot of gamers in Spain and Latin America who are just as passionate about their hobby and want to receive goods and services in their language.”

The new marketplace for Spanish-speaking gamers is separate from the English-speaking opportunities offered through Eldorado. This website structure ensures clarity about ordering while integrating everything into the platform’s branding.

The Spanish Gaming Market Is Thriving Globally
In 2022, Spain ranked 23rd in the world for active video game players. Over 80% of the country’s population, or 31.7 million people, self-describe themselves as enthusiastic gamers. From that number, over half spend at least eight hours per week playing games.

Several countries in Latin America also have a strong gamer population base. Mexico generates over $1.1 million in revenues each year, with countries like Argentina, Chile, and Colombia creating about $300 million annually for the industry. Considering the exchange rate to the USD in some countries, it shows that players are highly active and want more opportunities to take control of their virtual destinies.

When working with the Eldorado.gg marketplace, gamers can access multiple titles, currencies, and accounts. Top options include Fortnite, Valorant, and League of Legends. Diablo 4 gold is now available as well.

The purchasing process is simple. After creating an account on the Eldorado.gg marketplace, gamers select the title and product they wish to acquire. Pick the game mode, review the minimum quantity, and use the “Buy Now” feature to receive the goods.

Many listings have multiple sellers offering the same item. This ensures gamers have competitive pricing, and safe opportunities to upgrade their experiences. Accessing these services only takes a few clicks, and delivery times are often registered in minutes.

Sellers come with a rating to display their reliability and the number of transactions they’ve processed through the marketplace. With these services now available to a Spanish-speaking audience, Eldorado.gg can help even more gamers reach their in-game goals.

About the Company
Founded in 2018, Eldorado.gg is a trusted marketplace that enables gamers to purchase or sell in-game goods. This platform ensures the actual sales contract is between buyers and sellers, allowing our team to focus on guaranteeing safe transactions and verified deliverables. Numerous payment options include Apple Pay, credit cards and several cryptocurrencies are available.