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EVE appeared in THE SMARTER E EUROPE 2023 and continued to increase its overseas market – Signed 23GWh Agreement

MUNICH, June 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 14-16, the European Smart Energy Expo hosted by the German Solar Industry Alliance was grandly opened in Munich, Germany. The world’s top energy storage company, EVE, presented its big LFP cell “Mr big”-LF560K at the exhibition and signed a strategic cooperation of 23GWh on the booth.

During the exhibition, EVE showcased comprehensive solutions for international customers, such as utility ESS, Telecom ESS, household ESS, Marine power, etc. At the same time, we held the “Next Generation ESS Cell for TWh -LF560K” themed new product launch, leading the new wave of energy TWh era.

It is reported that LF560K redefines ESS with the three advantages of “Easier, Safer and Super Economic”, which can effectively meet the trend of TWh era and solve the problems of management complexity, thermal runaway and economy in the era of large-scale power plants.

With years of practical application and good market feedback, EVE’s booth attracted many customers to communicate with us. Among them, the United States head energy storage integration enterprise Powin and American Battery Solutions (ABS) held a signing ceremony with EVE, reaching a total of 23GWh of strategic cooperation.

In this collaboration, EVE will provide part of the production capacity for Powin’s flagship 1850MWh Waratah superbattery to enhance its safety and performance. With the advent of the TWh era, Powin and EVE are also about to work together to build the first single energy storage system super GWh project.

In cooperation with ABS, EVE LF280K cells will be used in ABS’ new battery storage system, TeraStor™. The system is compatible with at least 160 different operating conditions at different multipliers and temperatures, requiring the highest standards and performance of the cells. With the support of EVE products, TeraStor™ has passed the reliability analysis test by Reliant Labs and completed UL9540A test, making it one of the most reliable energy storage systems on the market today.

Up to now, EVE has completed the layout of multi-form and multi-technology energy storage products, with full product solutions from cell, BMS, module to system, covering four major application fields: utility,  telecommunication, household and marine. For different segments of the market, we provide the best adaptable solutions for different requirements such as product life, multiplier, safety, temperature control and cost.

In view of its excellent product strength and ultimate manufacturing capability, EVE has reached cooperation with BMW, Daimler, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover and other international car companies, and its overseas business expansion is gaining momentum. Recently, EVE has announced the construction of factories in Malaysia and Hungary, continuing to increase its overseas layout.

The appearance of EVE at THE SMARTER E EUROPE 2023 demonstrates its super strength of global layout and global delivery. In the future, EVE will continue to lead the direction of energy storage innovation, provide more cost-effective, more efficient and more stable energy storage solutions, to help sustainable development and build a green and low-carbon future.