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Feiyu Technology Partners with Nuverse Launching Shenxiandao 3, Demonstrating Strength of In-house IP Strategy

HONG KONG, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Feiyu Technology International Company Ltd. (HKEX:1022) (“Feiyu Technology,” the “Company,” or the “Group”), a reputable developer and operator of mobile games and web games, is pleased to announce the launch of Shenxiandao 3, the highly anticipated sequel to its hit title Shenxiandao.

Shenxiandao 3 is an RPG mobile game that takes inspiration from Chinese mythological classics including Journey to the West, Investiture of the Gods, Classic of Mountains and Seas, and Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. The game’s graphics design adopts exquisite and mysterious eastern rock painting style and also featuring other traditional Chinese art forms including paper-cutting, and shadow puppetry.

Shenxiandao 3 takes players on a thrilling adventure through Chinese mythology, enabling them to explore a world populated by gods and heroes through a variety of engaging and entertaining gameplay modes.

“We are thrilled to launch Shenxiandao 3, which offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines traditional Chinese culture with modern technology,” said Mr. Yao Jianjun, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Feiyu Technology. “From the storyline to the visuals, we have incorporated elements of Chinese mythology and art into every aspect of the game to create an authentic and engaging experience for players. Our Shenxiandao series has attracted over 160 million registered users since its introduction 12 years ago, and we are confident that the launch of Shenxiandao 3 will be another key milestone in our long-running IP strategy.”

Feiyu Technology’s development team is made up of talented individuals who are also loyal Shenxiandao players. Together, they have created a game that not only keeps the classic characters of Shenxiandao, but also introduces new features and gameplay mechanics that fans of the series will love. Before introducing Shenxiandao 3 to players partnering with Nuverse, Feiyu Technology has brought together top talent from both companies to extensively test and improve the game. Nuverse is a game development and publishing brand of Bytedance Ltd.

Shenxiandao 3 has achieved great popularity in Mainland China since its launch on 7 June 2023. On the day of its launch, the game ranked number 1 on the free download list in Apple’s China App Store and number 1 on Bilibili Game popularity list. In addition, the game reached number 12 on the best selling list in Apple’s China App store in the first week.

The successful launch of Shenxiandao 3 demonstrates the strength of the Company’s in-house developed IP strategy, which is focused on creating games based on original and innovative ideas. Since its founding, the Company has remained dedicated to this strategy and has built a library of well-known IPs across various game genres. One of the most popular of these IPs is the Carrot Fantasy game series, which has accumulated over 644 million registered users as of end of May 2023. The latest game in the series, Carrot Fantasy 4, was launched in June 2022 and has continued to gain popularity among users in the first half of this year. Going forward, the Company believes that its IP strategy will continue to provide strong momentum for its sustainable development.

Shenxiandao 3 is available for download on the Apple App Store and Android platforms. For more information, please visit

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Feiyu Technology is a reputable developer and operator of mobile games and web games. It is one of the few game development companies based in PRC that offers games in both the casual and RPG categories. As of 31 December 2022, the Company had launched over 47 mobile games, 4 PC games, 3 console games, 2 web games and 1 HTML 5 game, based on the Shen Xian Dao, Carrot Fantasy, Super Phantom Cat etc. series. Feiyu Technology’s games are available on most of the popular game distribution and publishing platforms in China, including Baidu, Tencent platforms,,,, TapTap and, enabling the Company to tap into a large and diversified player base.

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Nuverse is a game development and publishing brand for players and developers around the world. With the mission of “Inspire Creativity, Enrich Life”, Nuverse is dedicated to serving gamers worldwide, helping gamers play and create together in amazing virtual worlds.

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