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The tireless tiller of the PV industry JINERGY, N-type cells and modules will account for more than 80%

MUNICH, June 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Standing on the turning point of P-type to N-type, the new and old enterprises converge here and start a new round of competition. As one of the established PV enterprises, Jinergy revealed that the construction of its new 4GW N-type TOPCon cell and module production line will be completed and will go into operation in this July. In this wave of N-type expansion wave, Jinergy has walk in the forefront by virtue of its strength in technology accumulation.

Jinergy is a Tier 1 solar module supplier rated by BNEF, and in the journey of global energy transition, in its years of PV technology R&D journey. As is known to all that there is always dispute on TOPCon or HJT as the ultimate technology route for N-type in the PV industry. In fact, Jinergy is a leader in the mass production of HJT cell technology in China. In May 2017, Jinergy’s 100MW HJT production line, as the first one in China, was put into operation. Under the leadership of Dr. YANG Liyou, Jinergy has been active in the forefront of promoting cost reduction in HJT structures. Now, Jinergy’s HJT cost reduction has been deeply involved in lamination, conductive silver paste, ITO target material, texturing additives and so on. In the future, the mass production cost of HJT will be further reducted to be even with PERC.

“More customers are more inclined to purchase customized products, including lightweight and all-black modules. Jinergy has also developed high-reliability modules for seaborne PV projects, Jinergy began to explore global markets in 2017, and was mainly engaged in ground projects in the early stage. In 2021, Jinergy fully extended the distribution channels. ” Dr. YANG Liyou said.

At present, Jinergy’s global markets are mainly concentrated in Europe, Australia, South America, etc., among which HJT modules are mainly exported to Europe and Australia. “High-performance modules are more favored in global market, but more important is the guarantee of product quality. As a Chinese state-owned company, Jinergy is well recognized by customers for our pursuit of product quality and steady development of the situation”.

Jinergy is bringing advanced PV manufacturing technology and synchronous development of TOPCon, HJT, Tandem and XBC technologies, and continued to facilitate the industrialization of advanced technologies, in order to address the pain-point problems in practical application, develop more valuable green and low-carbon products, provide more cost-effective PV products for various application scenarios and meet the diversified market needs.

Jinergy always adheres to the customer service concept of quality product supply and quality service upgrade. Jinergy has provided customers with efficient product supply, rapid priority services and simplified and improved procedures through the guarantees of product ecology, customer centralization and order intensification.

Jinergy’s parent company Jinneng Holding Group is the world’s third largest and China’s second largest coal company, the group that shoulders the important task of energy structure transformation, Jinergy focuses on the PV industry to promote the progress of PV industry and the development of next-generation PV products, which is also the mission and responsibility of traditional energy enterprises in the new era.

In 2023, Jinergy’s comprehensive production capacity will exceed 10GW, of which N-type cells and modules will account for more than 80%. With stable output and high-quality PV products, Jinergy will provide partners with diversified products with high efficiency, high performance and high reliability.

In the upcoming Intersolar Europe 2023 held on June 14-16, 2023, Jinergy will also bring new technologies to show, welcome to visit booth C4.274, Munich, Germany.