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Toshiba’s Commitment to a Carbon-Neutral Future

SINGAPORE, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clean energy and the digital revolution are transforming the world, making progress more sustainable and supporting growing populations in fast-developing regions like Southeast Asia. These ongoing shifts, however, require technologies that ensure their safety and reliability. It is imperative as carbon emissions continue to rise, making our need for renewable energy more urgent than ever.


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Carbon neutral means that emissions of greenhouse gases, starting with CO₂, and excluding the CO₂ absorbed in carbon sinks like forests, totals zero. To Toshiba, with business coverage extending from the generation of energy, transmitting, and storing energy, to smart use of energy in industry and transportation and other ways, Toshiba can provide solutions that reduce emissions in many different areas.


Toshiba provides CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) for thermal power systems which emit CO generally and provides nuclear power systems that do not produce CO₂. Furthermore, Toshiba is promoting renewable energy businesses, wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal power, which emit almost no CO₂.


Toshiba’s solutions aim to ensure that clean energy can be transmitted across long distances and stored in an environmentally friendly way. Toshiba is developing technologies for matching supply and demand that bring electricity to users who need it and power transmission technologies that reduce power losses.


Toshiba’s SCiB™ rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide a solution for short-term storage of surplus power. As a longer-term solution, Power-to-Gas technology converts surplus electricity into hydrogen, which can be stored and transported to where it is needed. Toshiba has used these technologies to develop control solutions for power system stabilization.

Smart use of energy

Efficient use of energy is one of our objectives to help realize a society with no emissions of CO₂, and toward this, Toshiba is promoting electrification by installing SCiB™ rechargeable batteries. Its remarkable features make the battery suitable for use in a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles – including ships, railways, and automated guided vehicles – as well as elevators, IoT infrastructure, electric power systems, and uninterruptible power supply systems.

Toshiba’s strengths lie in this ability to contribute to carbon neutrality in multiple fields. With innovative technologies and a deep commitment to a greener, better world, Toshiba is working towards stable and efficient green energy infrastructures in Southeast Asia.

Toshiba's Contributions to Carbon Neutrality
Toshiba’s Contributions to Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Recycling (*1 Bioenergy with Carbon Capture, *2 Fischer-Tropsch process)
Carbon Recycling (*1 Bioenergy with Carbon Capture, *2 Fischer-Tropsch process)