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TrinaTracker Shows Innovative Solutions at InterSolar Europe

MUNICH, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TrinaTracker showcases its latest innovative solutions at Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading solar industry exhibition, which will be held in Munich, Germany, from June 14th-16th.

At the exhibition, TrinaTacker shows its Agile 1P, the dual-row 1 in portrait solar tracker, which has gained recognition in the European market. The company’s smart tracking solutions, featuring the latest smart control system, is also on display.

Agile 1P is one of Trina Tracker’s three major tracker products, alongside Vanguard 1P and Vanguard 2P. Its shorter structure makes it suitable for European ground solar power plants installed in distributed lands and uneven terrains. Also, the dual-row design can reduce the quantity of driving and controls system per MW, reduce the tracker system cost, and make installation easier.

The new TrinaTracker Smart control system contains two main technologies: SuperTrack and Trina Smart Cloud. SuperTracker improves tracker system power gain by capturing more energy from diffuse irradiation and recovering power loss due to row-to-row shading. Trina Smart Cloud is a tracker-level digital monitor and control platform, that incorporates proprietary functions such as data-sharing, digital maps, and health diagnosis. These features help reduce power loss and O&M cost caused by higher failure ratios, ultimately protecting clients’ assets.

TrinaTracker has been working on technical innovation since 2018 to improve solar tracker performance. Over the past five years, TrinaTracker has successfully developed the smart tracker solution, including hardware, software, and the service platform. Juan Manuel Gómez, CEO of TrinaTracker EMEA, said at the exhibition, “Intellectualization and digitalization are the key trends of future solar power system development. TrinaTracker makes sure to align with these trends, from the beginning of the technical R&D stage, running through the whole project lifecycle. The smart control system is one of the pioneering projects we are working on continuously optimizing. With all these technologies and databases that will be built, we will be in a better position to offer clients more value on their assets management needs.”