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Be the Great Dragon Slayer in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, now available for download on HUAWEI AppGallery

SINGAPORE, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Be the great dragon slayer in the exciting world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, now available on HUAWEI AppGallery. Enjoy thrilling dragon hunt adventures in any of the 4 unique classes including the fearless Warrior, the nimble Archer, the devout Cleric, or the enigmatic Sorceress, with enhanced gameplay and rewards for the players of this classic MMORPG game!

To celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of this immersive MMORPG gaming on mobile devices, AppGallery is offering exclusive rewards for all Huawei and Android users who download the game on AppGallery, including a 10% rebate for in-game spending and exclusive gift packs such as Gold, Glazed Amber and Pet Summon Ticket!*  Log on here for more info:

Embark On the Grand Dragon Hunt

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the upgraded version of the previous series which combines classic gameplay, intense battles and significant landmarks. The game offers an engaging experience for players on their epic journey through a world of fantasy with stunning graphics, captivating narratives and 4 unique classes of characters to choose from.

In celebration of the new game launch, players are invited to band together in a team effort to bring down evil dragons in the Grand Dragon Hunt.

The Sea Dragon, Serpentra, was sealed away by six brave heroes a decade ago but has now reawakened. Now that it is back, the resurrected Serpentra threatens all from its geographically advantageous nest, waiting for its chance to take revenge on all mankind!

The return of the evil dragon sets a terrifying mood for the game and an urgency for slayers to join in the fight to vanquish the common enemy.

During the event, each player can keep track of their progress both solo efforts and as part of the community. Daily tasks containing prizes such as free draws and mounts encourage increased participation, and at the same time, global leaderboards will display the top slayers at work.

In addition to the main goal, players can form teams of eight to compete in competitions that tests one’s speed and efficiency, with further incentives up for grabs.

Dungeon-Crawling Fun for All

Beyond the Grand Dragon Hunt, Dragon Nest 2: Evolution will be an adventure accessible to all players, driven by its intense combat and exhilarating dungeon-crawling action.

“Although Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a mobile title, the team is approaching it as a full-fledged experience to ensure players enjoy the best content. The dungeons, in particular, have been a key focus, so expect to trek through interesting and exciting level design, battle unique bosses with varying mechanics, and have a dungeon-crawling experience that satisfies from start to finish,” said Oliver Ye, Head of Global Publishing Producer of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution, Level Infinite.

Play your way with 4 unique classes

New players need not worry about being overwhelmed as Dragon Nest 2: Evolution’s combination of class-based action and adventure makes it simple to dive in and play as you wish, whether it is on your own or with buddies you meet along the journey. Players have a lot to look forward to, including a brand-new story trailer, guilds to join, adorable companions to seek out, free trading and content support to come.

Altea, a vast world of endless possibilities, presents a myriad of class options for daring adventurers ready to set off on their epic quests.  Among the choices are the fearless Warrior with the fighting spirit, the nimble Archer firing quick shots, the devout Cleric who harnesses holy power, and the enigmatic Sorceress who wields the forces of magic.

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About Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a new open-world MMORPG developed by Shengqu. It combines classic gameplay, stunning visual graphics, and an in-game social community to offer players an immersive gameplay experience.