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Digital Intelligence Technology: Fuelling Value Creation and Reshaping the Gaming Industry

SHANGHAI, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 China Digital Entertainment Congress commenced on Thursday alongside ChinaJoy, the country’s largest gaming event. Lu Xiaoyin, Co-CEO and President of Perfect World Co., Ltd, as well as the CEO of Perfect World Games, was among the esteemed guests in attendance.

During his keynote speech, Lu emphasized the rapid development of the Chinese gaming industry, which has greatly benefited from the country’s “digitalization” strategies. He highlighted the industry plays a crucial role in promoting digitalization across various sectors, including empowering the real economy, driving technological innovation, and preserving cultural heritage.

Lu Xiaoyin, Co-CEO and President of Perfect World and the CEO of Perfect World Games delivers a keynote speech at the 2023 CDEC on July 27.
Lu Xiaoyin, Co-CEO and President of Perfect World and the CEO of Perfect World Games delivers a keynote speech at the 2023 CDEC on July 27.

Lu lauded Chinese games for their exceptional ability to embody the essence of Chinese culture, offering a wealth of inspiration for game development. In line with this approach, Perfect World integrates elements of China’s cultural heritage into its games. For instance, the company has artfully incorporated China’s intangible cultural heritage, Suzhou embroidery, into its mobile game “Tower of Fantasy”, and showcased the beauty of Chinese traditional opera Huangmei Opera in another mobile game “Zhuxian”.

Lu highlighted the inseparable connection between technology and the gaming industry. Specifically, he emphasized the pivotal role of digital intelligence technologies like generative AI in optimizing game content creation and production methods.

Perfect World recognized the potential of AI technology several years ago and took significant steps by establishing an AI center. This center serves as a hub for applying AI across different production chains, including NPC creation, modeling, painting, and story development.

The gaming industry is driven by technologies like VR, AR, and AI, which inject vitality into the broader economy. Perfect World has collaborated with local governments and scenic spots to incorporate digital scenes into tourism to offer tourists a captivating experience.

Lu emphasized Perfect World is a R&D-oriented enterprise, with high-quality products serving as the cornerstone of the company’s growth. The company focuses on two main categories: “MMO+” and “card+”. On one hand, it upgrades classic MMORPG genres, introducing mobile games like “New Swordsman”, “World of Jade Dynasty”, “Fantasy New Jade Dynasty”, and “Perfect New World”. On the other hand, it creates games of different genres, such as “One Punch Man: World”, “Persona 5: The Phantom X” and “Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur: Ring”.

Additionally, Perfect World actively pursues the distribution of its games overseas, with “Tower of Fantasy” achieving remarkable success since its release in August 2022, and soon to be launched on PlayStation.