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HOUNAX Exchange obtained the Canada MSB license to create a compliant and reliable encryption platform

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HOUNAX Exchange, an innovative and open cryptocurrency trading platform. Recently, HOUNAX announced that it has obtained the Canada MSB license, becoming one of the few cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world with this license. This move not only improves its compliance and reputation in the global market, but also provides users with safer, professional, and transparent cryptocurrency transaction services.

The HOUNAX Exchange was co-founded by industry leaders and the original Coinbase technical team, and currently has operating centers in Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Japan and other countries and regions. HOUNAX’s globalization strategy is not as simple as opening offices in different regions. Its goal is to become an innovative leader in the cryptocurrency trading market in the Web3 era and serve investors and blockchain enthusiasts.

Ensuring compliance and pursuing credibility

The Canada MSB license is a financial service license issued by the Financial Transactions and Reporting Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC), which is applicable to institutions engaged in foreign exchange, international remittance, virtual currency transactions, etc. Institutions holding this license are required to comply with strict anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism financing (ATF) regulations, regularly submit reports to FINTRAC, and accept its supervision and audit. The successful acquisition of the license by HOUNAX Exchange is a way to demonstrate its commitment to compliance and credibility to global users and partners, providing users with a higher level of protection and confidence.

It is understood that in order to create a safe, transparent and reliable cryptocurrency trading environment for users. During this period, HOUNAX Exchange and FINTRAC conducted multiple communications and coordinated cooperation, improved its internal management system and risk control measures, and passed the strict review of FINTRAC.

Expanding influence and serving global users

At present, the HOUNAX Exchange has conducted business in compliance with global regulations and supports the exchange between multiple cryptocurrencies. After obtaining the Canada MSB license, HOUNAX Exchange will be able to better serve the market, attract more users and partners, and further expand its global influence.

“The application for the Canada MSB license is due to the emphasis on compliance and credibility.” HOUNAX said that as an innovative platform dedicated to promoting the application and development of cryptocurrencies, HOUNAX believes that compliance is the basis for its long-term and sustainable development. By obtaining the Canada MSB license, HOUNAX Exchange not only demonstrates its commitment to comply with local laws and regulations and protect the interests of users, but also enhances its competitiveness and attractiveness in the global market.

During the application process, HOUNAX Exchange has received various support and assistance. First of all, the founding team and core members of the HOUNAX Exchange are blockchain enthusiasts and experts from different countries and fields. They have rich experience and professional knowledge and can effectively deal with various challenges and difficulties. Secondly, HOUNAX Exchange has established strategic partnerships with several well-known institutions, including FINTRAC and others. They provided HOUNAX Exchange with technical support, market resources, and compliance guidance.

It is worth mentioning that the HOUNAX Exchange has a constantly improving ecosystem and a large and active community, including HOUNAX Research, HOUNAX Funds, etc. They provided valuable feedback and suggestions for HOUNAX Exchange in different ways, and also provided a strong impetus for the development of HOUNAX Exchange.

HOUNAX Exchange has obtained the Canada MSB license, which not only improves its compliance and credibility in the global market, but also provides users with safer, professional and transparent cryptocurrency trading services. HOUNAX Exchange will continue to be committed to promoting the application and development of cryptocurrencies on a global scale, building a rich and valuable blockchain ecosystem, and sharing the opportunities of the times with global users.


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