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HOUNAX Obtains US MSB License, Further Strengthening Compliance

SINGAPORE, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The importance of compliance to the cryptocurrency industry cannot be ignored. Recently, the cryptocurrency trading platform HOUNAX announced that it has obtained the MSB (Money Services Business) compliance license issued by the US FinCEN, which further strengthens the strength and status of HOUNAX in terms of compliance.

HOUNAX Exchange is the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, committed to providing global users with safe, efficient and professional cryptocurrency trading services. Its core business includes currency trading, contract trading, option trading, Launchpad and etc. As an innovative and open trading platform, HOUNAX constantly promotes the innovation and application of blockchain technology, and is committed to building a prosperous and sustainable Web3 blockchain ecosystem.

As an industry leader, HOUNAX has always regarded compliance as an important cornerstone of development. Previously, HOUNAX has successfully obtained the MSB license issued by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Canada (FINTRAC). The acquisition of the US MSB license this time has become a trading platform with dual MSB licenses, further consolidating HOUNAX’s leading position in the compliance field and demonstrating its commitment to global user safety and compliance.

HOUNAX’s compliance team has been committed to ensuring the compliance and security of the platform. They work closely with regulators, comply with relevant regulations, and implement strict KYC measures (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) to prevent financial crimes and ensure the safety of users’ funds.

HOUNAX has achieved remarkable results in compliance through active efforts and strong determination. HOUNAX has grown rapidly and now has more than 8 million registered users since its Canada MSB license. The continued growth of this number demonstrates users’ trust in HOUNAX and recognition of its compliance efforts.

It is worth mentioning that HOUNAX is also committed to building a healthy and prosperous community ecology. HOUNAX brings together talents and enthusiasts from different fields through an open community platform to explore the application and development of blockchain technology. Nowadays HOUNAX has more than 60+ communities worldwide, making it a platform for everyone to join and share knowledge and resources. This open community provides users with rich opportunities to learn and communicate, further promoting the development of the blockchain industry.

HOUNAX’s compliance achievements are not only reflected in its MSB license, but also in the multiple compliance services it provides to its users.  As a responsible trading platform, HOUNAX is committed to maintaining a fair and transparent market by establishing an efficient trading monitoring system to detect and deal with any suspicious trading activities in time. HOUNAX also ensures transparency and compliance in its platform operations through compliance audits and regular disclosures, providing users with a safe and reliable trading environment and excellent customer service.

Berrycloth, a spokesperson for the platform, said: “Obtaining the US MSB license is an important milestone in our compliance strategy which further demonstrates our commitment to user safety and compliance. We will continue to uphold the principles of compliance and enhance our platform’s security and user experience, to provide our users with comprehensive trading support and quality customer service.”

HOUNAX’s acquisition of the U.S. MSB license is an important milestone in its compliance strategy, which further solidifies HOUNAX’s leading position in the field of compliance. By actively responding to  regulatory challenges, HOUNAX creates a secure and transparent trading environment for its users, ensuring the safety of their funds and maintaining a fair and transparent marketplace. As a leader in the industry, HOUNAX will continue to lead the development of compliance and make positive contributions to the prosperity and progress of the cryptocurrency market.

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