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Introducing United Bear Society – Revolutionizing the way we interact and derive real life utility from the virtual world

ZURICH, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — United Labs GmbH, an innovation driven company in the blockchain industry, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its United Bear Society project, a pioneer solution set to revolutionize the Web3 industry. With its cutting-edge technology, unique features and clear vision, United Bear Society is poised to transform the way interaction takes place between the metaverse and the real world.

By leveraging the benefits digital assets and blockchain technology have to offer, the project’s main focus is on connecting its virtual world with the real one, in a quest of creating utility and real-life value for its members. The company is an industry pioneer in making it possible for members to transform and monetize their unique digital assets into customized physical products. In the near future the platform will also facilitate the entry of exclusive brands into their ecosystem. The virtual 3D stores will be able to exhibit and sell their newest products, advertise their newest concepts and furthermore create a strong bond with society’s members, at one of several annual live events. This fully integrated approach makes their proven concept even more unique in the industry.

In order to serve as a bridge between the virtual world and reality, United Bear Society has established strong partnerships with a number of global leaders and award-winning companies. The most notable of these are the partnerships with award winning blockchain company License Rocks and the world leader in customized decorations, The Customization Group. As one of the first projects in the Web3 industry, United Bear Society will be selling their 9900 digital memberships fully licensed. Another innovative aspect the project offers is with regard to the acquisition of its artwork by means of traditional payment methods, such as credit and debit card, alongside cryptocurrencies. The transformation of these unique digital assets to physical products will be handled in collaboration with The Customization Group. Taking into account the German company produces more then 500000 products a day in, it would be safe to say this process is in very good hands.

Mr. Stere, the CEO of United Bear Society notes: “We are proud to build the future alongside our partners! The synergy that connects our companies is based on likeminded individuals that have come together and understand the fact that, united we are stronger! We are a project where words are put into practice, not by means of a fancy whitepaper promising the world, but by means of real life partnerships and events, with well-known artists and brands worldwide.”

After 19 months of considerable investment and continuous commitment in showcasing the society’s innovative approach and unique selling points, United Bear Society is now ready to on board members. Last year’s organized events in Ibiza and Amsterdam, together with their recently revealed virtual world, has no doubt proven they are very committed to delivering an unforgettable and unique journey in a mesmerizing new era, led by technological advances and forward-thinking visionaries.

More details and info on the real life events, partnerships, metaverse and roadmap on their website http://www.unitedbearsociety.com , on their Discord https://discord.gg/GxXkdvk9Bj , Twitter https://www.twitter.com/Unitedbearsnft, and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unitedbearsociety

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