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Senheng App Embraces Netcore’s AI-powered MarTech Platform to Build Personalized Customer Experiences

Senheng App aims to harness Netcore’s Unbxd suite to optimize site search, personalize browsing, and provide tailored product recommendations, thus significantly improving customer experience and engagement.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Netcore Cloud, a global MarTech provider, is partnering with Senheng App, Malaysia’s leading consumer electronics retailer, to enhance retail experiences using AI-based site search, merchandising, and personalization solutions. Through this partnership, Senheng App has integrated Netcore’s Unbxd products to propel its application experience to the next level. This collaboration will enable Senheng to provide advanced site search, personalized browsing, and targeted product recommendations, enhancing customer engagement and driving their digital transformation forward. This integration will effectively automate the search process, delivering tailored and relevant results, and streamlining the customer journey.

By automating the search process and delivering relevant results, Senheng App will enhance the overall customer experience, ensuring that shoppers effortlessly find precisely what they need. Furthermore, Senheng App aims to harness Unbxd’s advanced personalization capabilities to create tailored and engaging customer experiences.

“Netcore Cloud is thrilled to support Senheng App in providing hyper-personalized experiences through AI-driven solutions,” said Triton Dsouza, Senior Vice President, Netcore Cloud. “With Unbxd suite, we leverage AI’s potential to deliver a smooth, personalized online shopping journey for retail-focused Senheng customers. Employing these cutting-edge technologies, our partnership with the Senheng ecosystem is spearheading customer-focused digital innovation in the retail industry.”

“As Senheng expands its reach via our S-Coin rewards program, hyper-personalization across our multiple verticals has become necessary in our plans for success,” said Rossnan Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of Senheng App. “Integrating with Netcore’s Unbxd products gives us a clear path to success on multiple fronts, from store recommendations, content suggestions, and search. This partnership is a key step in our journey to deliver a rewards experience like Malaysians have never seen before.”

This collaboration between Senheng App and Netcore Unbxd is poised to significantly impact Senheng App’s key performance indicators (KPIs). It is projected that click-through rates, conversions, average order value, revenue per session, repeat user traffic, and search adoption will increase while also tripling retention rates. Simultaneously, bounce rates, search exits, and zero results will decrease, ensuring a streamlined and satisfying shopping experience for Senheng’s customers.

Senheng App’s partnership with Netcore Cloud demonstrates its commitment to investing in the latest technologies to boost its digital presence and continuously enhance customer experience.

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The Senheng App is the rewards platform for Senheng® ELECTRIC (KL) SDN. BHD. is the leading Malaysian consumer electronics store. With over 19 categories and hundreds of merchants on its rewards marketplace, a growing number of additional lifestyle services like ticketing, mobile reloads and live streams the Senheng App provides an unrivalled rewards experience for Malaysians. The Senheng App provides Senheng Plus One member with the best rewards experience that creates true value.

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