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SigenStor by Sigenergy Takes the Spotlight at ETE & Enertec Expo 2023

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sigenergy, a leading energy innovator, has made its mark at the ETE & Enertec Expo 2023 by unveiling its signature product, SigenStor, making it the highly anticipated premiere in Vietnam. SigenStor is an unparalleled 5-in-one energy storage system that seamlessly integrates PV Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS, solidifying its position as one of the most competitive products in the market.

SigenStor by Sigenergy Takes the Spotlight at ETE & Enertec Expo 2023
SigenStor by Sigenergy Takes the Spotlight at ETE & Enertec Expo 2023

ETE & Enertec Expo is Vietnam’s largest special electrical technology & equipment event, drawing together domestic and international enterprises and leading brand names. Throughout the exhibition from July 19 to 21, Sigenergy will be showcasing the versatility and scalability of SigenStor, highlighting its seamless compatibility with EVs, enabling fast and environmentally friendly DC (direct current) charging.

Sigenergy is establishing partnerships across the Asia-Pacific region for worry-free energy solutions. In Vietnam, a strategic collaboration with Unisolar offers comprehensive products for households, villas, office buildings, hotels, and malls. The first showroom in Ho Chi Minh City’s Van Phuc is now open. Looking ahead, Sigenergy plans to expand to Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.

Key Features of SigenStor include:

  • Highest Standard with 5-layer Protection for Paramount Safety: 

Safety is at the core of Sigenergy’s commitment, as the company surpasses existing safety standards with the robust SigenStor system. Boasting five layers of comprehensive protection measures within each battery pack, including advanced temperature sensors, an internal fire extinguisher, a decompression valve, aerogel-insulated pads, and high-temperature-resistant insulated pads, SigenStor ensures safety hazards are proactively controlled from the outset.

  • Industry’s First 5-in-one Energy Solution with a Seamless 15-minute Installation: 

SigenStor sets new efficiency standards with its quick connectors and elimination of external battery wiring, enabling an astonishing 15-minute[1] installation time. This results in a remarkable 70% increase in efficiency compared to traditional solutions. Leveraging the system’s auto-networking and fast Ethernet communication features, commissioning becomes swift, requiring a mere 5 minutes, including a seamless 2-minute OTA (Over-the-Air) configuration.

  • Extraordinary Design making it the Best Solution for Home and Business Scenarios: 

Sigenergy believes that beauty has the power to speak for itself. The first impression of SigenStor would be its sleek and stylish design, seamlessly blending simplicity and elegance. This 5-in-one deeply integrated product advances the industry with its streamlined functionality, enabling an efficient and versatile solution for both residential and commercial applications. The capacity could extend up to 48 kWh for home use and 480 kWh for business use with ten stacks connected.

Sigenergy’s participation in the ETE & Enertec Expo is a clear testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to providing advanced and customized energy solutions that promote sustainability and enhance efficiency for both local consumers and businesses. With a strong emphasis on energy storage systems synergized with AI technology, Sigenergy continues its vision to shape a greener and more sustainable future accessible to all.

About Sigenergy

Sigenergy focuses on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, with products ranging from energy storage systems to solar inverters and EV chargers. Our world-class R&D team of hundreds of top industry experts shares the vision of making the world greener via continuous innovation. With global sales and services, we aim to become our customers’ most trusted partner on their journey to a more sustainable future.

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[1] Installation time for 1 (Sigen Energy Controller/Sigen Storage Controller) +3 (batteries) configurations.