Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Gaming Phone nubia Neo 5G Launched with UNISOC T820, Now Available in Southeast Asia

SHANGHAI, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZTE officially launched new series of 5G gaming phone-nubia Neo 5G recently, powered by UNISOC new 5G SoC T820, a mobile platform with Octa-core CPU,6nm EUV process, 5G dual-SIM dual-standby capabilities, providing hi-speed ultra-stable 5G connections.

Enhanced performance brings better multimedia entertainment experience

T820 consists of a single Arm Cortex-A76 running at 2.7GHz, 3 further A76 running at 2.3GHz, and 4 Arm Cortex-A55 running at 2.1GHz. With 3MB L3 cache and 4 Core GPU of Arm Mali-G57 at a frequency of up to 850MHz, showing a strong performance among Unisoc’s product portfolio.

Meanwhile, T820 is approved to operate at 40% less power consumption than UNISOC’s first-generation 5G mobile platform in certain scenarios due to new power-saving design technical improvements, which could provide high performance for games while still maintaining a low level of power consumption.

T820 features AI noise reduction and Smart PA power amplifier technologies which ensure enhanced bass and better sound quality while providing users with a crystal clear call experience.

Integrated financial-grade security solution

T820 adopts a trusted execution environment and an independent engine with hardware-based encryption/decryption. This solution integrates the financial level Secure Element into the SoC. It not only provides a larger storage capacity for security but also reduces the cost of PCB and manufacturing, providing customers with a more competitive solution.

Enhanced 5G connectivity to solve uplink pain points

UNISOC T820 supports 5G NR TDD+FDD dual-carrier aggregation technology and enables up to 130MHz frequency aggregation to greatly improve 5G network coverage and ensure higher 5G speeds.

Under the support of the innovative full scenarios-coverage enhancement technology developed by UNISOC, T820 has increased the uplink throughput of near-point users by 60%, and leveraged network coverage by more than 100%. This breaks through the existing 5G uplink bottleneck, providing technical support for the promotion of multi-channel high-definition monitoring, remote motion control, machine vision and other applications.

Creative imagination supported by professional imaging capabilities

T820 features a quad-core ISP architecture combined with UNISOC’s sixth-generation Vivimagic image engine, boasting a 100 Megapixel camera and full-pipeline 4K high-definition video recording. Supported by UNISOC’s own AI algorithms, T820 is able to provide AI noise reduction, AI-HDR, AI-Bokeh, AI FaceID, AI Face Detection services, and a variety of other AI imaging functions.

Featuring 14bit RAW processing, a new “heterogeneous image processing engine” architecture, and equipped with dedicated night-time XDR multi-frame and multi-exposure technology, T820 is able to restore greater detail and provide higher-quality night scene effects.

Multiple AI capabilities for full-scenario artificial intelligence

T820 features a new generation, highly efficient NPU+VDSP architecture with NPU computing power reaching 8 TOPS. This enables a 67% increase compared to the previous generation, optimizing network bandwidth.

A new generation of multi-core display architecture

Equipped with UNISOC’s latest generation multi-core display architecture featuring  FHD+ at 120Hz refresh rate, along with full pipeline, full-format HDR standard rendering capabilities, T820 provides users with deep layered image quality.

The T820 multi-screen display can support up to 4K HDR10+ image quality. With dynamic contrast improvement, it provides users with natural, realistic rendering, clear, vivid colors, and a visual display that features an even wider color palette. This significantly enhances the user experience for high-frame rate competitive games, 5G UHD video, XR, and other visually immersive applications.

With the high performance and ultra-stable 5G connections provided by UNISOC T820, nubia Neo 5G empowers players in Southeast-Asia and brings them the enjoyable gaming experiences.