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Xuan Wu Cloud and TI Cloud Reach Strategic Partnership: Jointly Expanding New Scenarios for AIGC Technology Application

GUANGZHOU, China, July 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The rapid development of generative AI has led to a surge in exchanges among SaaS industry players, with companies eager to seize the market advantage by rapidly expanding their footprint in cutting-edge technology. Recently, Xuan Wu Cloud (2392.HK), China’s largest intelligent CRM service provider, revealed a strategic collaboration with TI Cloud (2167.HK), a prominent domestic customer contact platform service provider.

According to the collaboration agreement, both parties will leverage their respective business strengths to achieve resource complementarity in marketing promotion, product markets, and research and development of AIGC technology, thus presenting a comprehensive and top-notch digital and intelligent transformation proposition to an extensive clientele.

In this strategic collaboration, Xuan Wu Cloud’s executive has conveyed a positive outlook towards ecosystem partnerships. “TI Cloud is a leading player in the domestic customer contact platform market, and its products and solutions complement business segments of Xuan Wu Cloud such as Service Cloud. This synergy leads to a win-win situation through cooperation.” It is understood that besides the partnership with TI Cloud, Xuan Wu Cloud has already established multi-level collaborations with cloud vendors such as Huawei Cloud and JD Cloud, integrating customers, channels, products, and services.

Evidence indicates that Xuan Wu Cloud has built a strong technological foundation that encompasses aPaaS (low-code development platform), cPaaS (cloud communication platform), AI (artificial intelligence), and DI (data intelligence) platforms. With its core SaaS applications anchored on Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud, the company caters to high-growth industries like Fast Moving Consumer Goods (“FMCG”), financial, public utility entities and government organisations (“Government-related”), and Technology, Media, Telecom (“TMT”) industries. Through these offerings, Xuan Wu Cloud endeavors to provide its clientele with intelligent CRM products and services that cover all touchpoints, channels, and the entire lifecycle of customer interactions.

Especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Xuan Wu Cloud stands out as the only domestic CRM industry player with a fully self-developed AI technology stack. Recently, the company launched its inaugural AIGC application, the ‘Intelligent FMCG Assistant’ which aims to help FMCG enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement while providing valuable support to business managers in devising marketing growth strategies.

Meanwhile, as an AI-driven full-lifecycle customer contact platform provider, TI Cloud has achieved a profound integration of “AI, Cloud, and Communication” technologies. The company offers platform services for customer contact scenarios in the three core operational processes of enterprise clients: “Marketing, Sales, and Service.” Furthermore, TI Cloud takes the lead in focusing on the application of AIGC in vertical industry scenarios within customer interaction domains. Leveraging its self-developed AI products and advanced large language models, the company is comprehensively crafting a seamless human-machine fusion for an enhanced customer experience.

It is evident that Xuan Wu Cloud and TI Cloud not only complement each other well in their conventional businesses but also possess deep technological expertise and practical experience in AI+ product applications. Notably, both companies have been at the forefront of implementing AIGC products in their respective domains. According to their strategic cooperation agreement, both parties plan to regularly organize seminars and exchange meetings with the aim of enhancing research and development efficiency, product experience, and AIGC technology applications. By sharing their respective experiences in customer practices, these initiatives are poised to provide mutual benefits and aid in capturing a stronger foothold in the promising AIGC market.