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Africa’s Top Tech Company Tbay: Empowering Africa Education

NEW YORK, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In this dynamic digital era, technology stands as a pivotal force driving society progress. Tbay, an Africa’s top digital trading platform, brings fresh hope into Africa continent’s education landscape through its remarkable innovation and mission of charity.

Tbay has been implementing the “Donating 1,000 Schools “program in Africa since April, 2020, completing its first charity event in Nigeria. In July, 2023, Tbay has successfully donated 45 schools across 5 countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda, laying a solid foundation for the future plan. Tbay aims to complete donations for 100 schools by early 2024.

The Evolution of Tbay’s Charity Event Journey

Reflecting upon Tbay’s educational donations across African schools, it’s evident that giving back to society is an important part of Tbay’s mission. Tbay actively collaborates with local governments, educational institutions, and community leaders, fully investigating on local educational needs. Tbay’s team engages directly with schools, interacting closely with teachers and students to get their persistence for education. Collaborating with local partners, Tbay carefully selects target schools for donations for those in need.

Tbay’s donations covered a wide range of materials, including stationery, sports equipment, life essentials, electronic products. These donations significantly enhanced students’ learning and living conditions. Tbay also organized extracurricular activities to foster positive interactions among teachers and students, promoting their learning interests and physical abilities.

The original intention and purpose of the “Donating 1,000 Schools ” program is to provide support and resources to schools in Africa, creating a better learning environment for the younger generation and laying a solid foundation for their personal future development. This program has had a profound and positive impact among African students, not only offering them educational resources, but also sparking their curiosity and creativity.

Empowering African Education and Economic Growth through Digital Technology

Tbay firmly believes in the transformative power of technology. Through the internet and digital economy, Tbay has played a vital role in driving African economic development, facilitating digital transformation, and nurturing new talents. Technology has elevated education efficiency, kindling students’ creativity, and encouraging them to explore unknown fields. Moreover, Tbay has established a secure, trustworthy global gift card trading platform that serves customers across Europe, America, Africa, and other over 100 countries, connecting gift card buyers and sellers worldwide for a safe and convenient digital shopping experience.

Additionally, Tbay assists small and medium-sized businesses in Africa to integrate into the digital economy, expanding their business scope and market participation, thereby positively contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Future Charity Event Plans and the Vision of the ‘Donating 1,000 Schools Plan’

Tbay will continue its pivotal role for charity event in Africa. The vision of the “Donating 1,000 Schools” program extends to covering more African nations and regions, offering assistance to more schools, and creating numerous opportunities for thousands of students. Tbay’s sense of social responsibility transcends mere donations, actively engaging in resolving African social issues.

Tbay’s charity dedication is just one facet of its diverse mission. Beyond charity events, Tbay will persist in exploring innovations in the technology fields. By merging digital technology with philanthropic objectives, Tbay remains a benchmark for industry development and societal progress, and commits to bringing more developmental opportunities to Africa, utilizing digital transactions as an engine for economic prosperity, generating business opportunities, and driving economic growth.


The rapid development of the digital economy, driven by information technology, has revolutionized e-commerce industry. Tbay, a globally renowned digital technology platform and Africa’s top gift card online trading platform, has gained favor from 500,000 users through innovative technology and efficient services, making global gift card trading simpler. Tbay continues to expand its e-commerce blueprint, exploring diversified business models that will benefit more global users in the near future. “Donating 1,000 Schools” program represents Tbay’s first charity project, exemplifying the fusion of technology and altruism, instilling hope into Africa’s education. This positive endeavor not only highlights Tbay’s mission in the digital era but also propagates a tide of positive philanthropic influence, bringing more vigor into Africa’s future.

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