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Belgian businessman hails Kunming a blossoming horticulture hub in Asia

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from chinadaily.com.cn:


Filip Evenepoel, a Belgian who set up a horticulture company in Kunming, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, sees the city as a thriving hub in Asia, thanks to China’s favorable business environment.

“We saw that there was an increase in sales in different ways, not only the traditional sales, but also the online sales, even sales channels like TikTok,” Filip says.

Given Kunming’s proximity to neighboring countries and its ongoing infrastructure development, Filip believes the city offers immense potential.  “That’s also very important for perishable products and for horticulture, and this is a major advantage,” Filip says.

Filip acclaims the government’s support as a crucial factor contributing to the success of his business. “We are getting visits from the local government, trying to give us support and advice,” he says.

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