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Binance-Powered ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ Tour by The Weeknd Heads to Australia and New Zealand

The Weeknd and Binance Bring the First-Ever Global Concert Tour Integrating Web3 to Elevate the Fan Experience

SYDNEY, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Weeknd’s successful “After Hours Til Dawn” global tour is set to commence its highly anticipated performances in Australia and New Zealand in November and December of 2023. The musical journey, powered by Binance, the global blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is the first global concert tour to integrate Web3 technology for an enhanced fan experience.

Since kicking off in the summer of 2022, this worldwide tour has engaged a record number of three million fans, captivating crowds across North America and Europe. More than 30,000 fans have joined Binance and The Weeknd’s online challenges via, and more than 15,000 Souvenir NFTs (SNFTs) have been claimed across 14 countries on the tour so far.

Binance users in Australia and New Zealand will be provided with exclusive opportunities as The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn” tour gets underway in their region. They will have access to a special ticket presale for select shows, while supplies last. In addition, they will also receive a limited-edition Souvenir NFT as a token of appreciation. These distinctive NFTs act as a digital keepsake of the performance and unlock opportunities to win autographed merchandise, entry to exclusive events, and even VIP access to The Weeknd’s concerts. 

For The Weeknd’s fans worldwide, Binance will also be offering an exclusive NFT collection for The Weeknd’s tour. Available later this year, this unique Tour Collection is a collaboration with The Weeknd, featuring distinctive artwork and providing holders with access to an array of enticing benefits.

In a time when digital innovation is breaking down boundaries between creative artists and their fans, The Weeknd and Binance’s partnership extends to the online world through Enter The Dimension. This immersive virtual adventure space, featuring interactive elements such as the Dimension Puzzle Box and the Metaverse Dimension, offers fans a new way to connect with The Weeknd. Additionally, participants who complete the challenges on then have the chance to win concert tickets and exclusive merchandise.

“The Weeknd is widely recognized for his innovative and unique contributions to the music industry. We are excited to be able to partner with the ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ tour to unlock the power of Web3 and champion special fan experiences,” said Binance VP of Global Marketing, Rachel Conlan. “We are just scratching the surface of how we utilise the power of crypto and blockchain technology to set new standards in the entertainment industry.”

The tour serves a dual purpose, engaging fans with a digital and immersive experience and using this platform to support a good cause in our joint partnership with The Weeknd and the United Nations World Food Programme. Binance has donated $2 million to the XO Humanitarian Fund, administered by the World Food Program USA to  help provide food assistance to people in need globally. Additionally, five percent of the sales of the NFT Tour Collection will be donated to the XO Humanitarian Fund. 

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You can find more information about what Binance offers for The Weeknd fans in Australia and New Zealand on the Binance Blog.

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