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Bitget Announces #SetForChange Campaign With Comedian Adam Devine to Boost Awareness of Web3 and Crypto

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, announced an one-year partnership with renowned American actor and comedian, Adam Devine, for its latest #SetForChange campaign following the company’s recent rebranding initiative. This collaboration signifies Bitget’s commitment to promoting crypto education and fostering wider adoption through an engaging and lighthearted approach.

Bitget Announces #SetForChange Campaign With Comedian Adam Devine to Boost Awareness of Web3 and Crypto
Bitget Announces #SetForChange Campaign With Comedian Adam Devine to Boost Awareness of Web3 and Crypto

The #SetForChange campaign highlights the new way of life embracing the future of money, using modern financial tools, and the possibilities of Web3, which aligns with Bitget’s rebranding focus on trading smarter with innovative AI features and copy trading. In a world where change is the only constant, we all strive to adapt and remain flexible in the ever-evolving modern society, and those who embrace new trends often seize new opportunities. 

Collaborating with Adam Devine, a globally renowned comedian with an approachable image, has captured the attention of the younger generations, especially millennials and Gen Z.  Millennials account for 46% of crypto enthusiasts and are more familiar with the internet and digital technologies than their more mature counterparts according to a recent research conducted by Bitget. The platform believes the Gen Z crypto users, who grow up with the increasing adoption of crypto, will be playing a vital role in promoting crypto adoption, and therefore, aims to encourage and inspire the backbone of the future world, to join and follow the wave of crypto early.

With the campaign, Bitget aims to empower individuals and encourage more people to adopt the #SetForChange mindset, fearlessly embracing innovations and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for better development. Working with comedians, such as Adam, will allow us to lower the knowledge barrier, making crypto and Web3 more fun and accessible to attract more youth, who will ultimately be the key builder to bring our society forward, to a more crypto-friendly future.Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget commented on the partnership.

The partnership with Adam Devine is not the first Bitget initiative to target the younger generations. Apart from the #SetForChange campaign, Bitget launched the Blockchain4Youth CSR program in May 2023, which committed $10 million in funds in the next 5 years to empower young people to embrace blockchain through a series of educational activities tailored for youth, such as campus lectures, U30 hackathons, blockchain online courses, certifications, and scholarships.

Two weeks ago, Bitget announced its rebranding campaign, introducing a refreshed logo, visual elements, and a new brand tagline “Trade smarter”, so as to expand its reach to a new audience of users. Through partnerships with renowned celebrities like Lionel Messi and Adam Devine, the exchange is making a contribution to elevating awareness about crypto to new heights.

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