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Biwatt Launches Sodium-ion Battery Solution at WBE 2023|Empowering The Sodium-ion Industry, Co-building The Sodium-ion Ecosystem

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the 8th World Battery & Energy Storage Industry Expo (WBE 2023) in Guangzhou, Biwatt showcases its new sodium-ion battery solutions. These solutions are focus on residential energy storage system, low-speed electric vehicle, industrial power backup.

I.Power Nest – Residential Energy Storage System Solution
The launched all-in-one ESS integrated solar storage home green energy solution excels in eco-friendliness, safety, stability, and intelligence. The smart home energy management platform integrates a cloud-based BMS, providing multiple safety protections and fault warnings for homeowners. The unique SIB active balancing technology effectively extends the battery’s cycle life, allowing users to use the product for a longer duration. The intelligent app enables users to effortlessly control home electricity usage and switch between various operating modes, making electricity usage more convenient and worry-free.

II. Power Circle – Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Solution
Power Circle provides ultra-fast charging and strong power output for lightweight power applications. Supporting 3C charging, it reaches a full charge in just 20 minutes. Moreover, it enables 3C discharging, delivering robust power output to meet users’ power demands. Equipped with automotive-grade BMS, it ensures safety and reliability, even in severe cold weather conditions.

III. Power Lake – Industrial Power Backup Solution
The Power Lake caters to industrial backup power needs. With SIB batteries boasting a lower risk of short-circuit and thermal runaway compared to LIB batteries, they are not only safer but also more eco-friendly. Their cycle life is 5-6 times longer than LAB batteries, resulting in reduced life cycle costs. Additionally, intelligent millisecond-level power switching ensures seamless transitions during power outages, supporting a maximum discharge rate of 20C for UPS power supply applications.

We believe these products will further drive the development of the sodium-ion battery industry and achieve the sustainable utilization of safe and reliable green energy. Biwatt will continue to uphold the concept of “using bit to manage watt,” persistently innovate, and provide customers with superior digital green energy products and services. We look forward to collaborating with more partners to jointly create a greener and more sustainable energy future.

About Biwatt
Biwatt is a global digital green energy innovation brand established in 2017. As a leader in sodium-ion technology and application, Biwatt manages watts with bits, providing innovative E-IoT energy management platforms, integrated solutions for solar energy storage and charging, enabling “Biwatt Power, Green Future”.

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