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Building Connections of Love: Yiwugo Merchants Embrace Chinese Valentine’s Day

YIWU, China, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, is drawing near. The gifts you receive, such as the exquisite bouquet of handheld flowers, elegant plush flower arrangements, and adorable stuffed toys, are very likely to come from Yiwu., the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world.

The Artificial flowers of Yiwu.
The Artificial flowers of Yiwu.

Qixi Festival commemorates the bittersweet love of the legendary Cowherd and Weaver Girl. Every year, the “Magpie Bridge”, where the reunion of the two lovers takes place, may come into being through the participation of gift vendors from Yiwugo.

Based on data from the Yiwugo platform, there was a significant surge in search volume for keywords such as “Valentine’s Day gifts,” “artificial flowers,” and “plush toys” between July 9th and August 8th, 2023. The number of orders and total transaction volumes also exhibited noticeable growth. Particularly striking was the surge in orders for “Valentine’s Day gifts”, which alone doubled compared to the same period the previous year, resulting in a transaction volume more than four times that of the corresponding period in 2022. Notably, the consistently favored plush toy industry also witnessed a remarkable upsurge in seasonal sales, with a 57.1% increase in orders and a 41.5% rise in total transaction volume compared to the same period in the previous year.

For more than 15 years, Chen Chu has been running Hai Ruo Craft Products, specializing in Valentine’s Day bouquet gifts. Each year, prior to Chinese Valentine’s Day, the company unveils an extensive array of new products, providing customers with an expanded selection. This year, nearly a hundred new items have already been launched. As the peak season of Chinese Valentine’s Day nears its end, the factory and store continue to be busy with packaging and shipping orders.

Chen Chu mentioned that boutique physical stores in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangxi, and other regions have emerged as the primary buyers for this year’s purchases. Notably, buyers from Guangzhou have placed the most orders. Orders for large hand-held bouquets, particularly those featuring red roses, typically reach tens of thousands of yuan per order. However, repeat orders are frequent. Even newly introduced products of the season like single-colored roses have performed well. Overall, the results of this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day are quite favorable.

For this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, Chen Chu has unveiled a range of new colors. Following the principle of “quality over quantity”, the packaging team at Hai Ruo Craft Products is incentivized by timely completion, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship for the products. By prioritizing the training of skilled artisans, the flowers are meticulously crafted with plump and well-shaped petals. Special emphasis is also placed on utilizing new materials for gift box production and attending to other intricate details, culminating in the creation of lavish and vibrant bouquets.

Over the past month, the transaction volume for products associated with the keyword “artificial flowers” has nearly doubled compared to the same period last year. He Zhangjuan has been engaged in the business of soap flowers and preserved flowers in the Yiwu market for many years. In the past month, her company sold an average of approximately 6,000 bouquets per day. The sales of newly introduced cartoon-shaped flower bouquets and small plush toy arrangements have also been remarkably impressive. Furthermore, with Teacher’s Day approaching on September 10th, He Zhangjuan has been exceptionally busy lately.

He Zhangjuan shared that not only is the Chinese domestic market currently in a peak season, but there has also been positive feedback from overseas markets such as the United States, Russia, and Mexico recently. Particularly noteworthy, a Mexican customer has been placing frequent repeat orders, with each order averaging around 70,000 yuan. They have expressed high satisfaction with both the products and services provided by the company.

To He Zhangjuan’s delight, there has been a remarkable increase in inquiries from her Yiwugo store recently. On July 15th, a customer from Guangdong initiated communication through Yiwugo and made an initial small-scale purchase of products in 10 different styles. Within less than a month, the customer’s repeat orders have already exceeded 100,000 yuan. An increasing number of these new and valuable customers has significantly bolstered the company’s confidence in its growth and development.

With the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day and Teacher’s Day, numerous vendors on Yiwugo are anticipating the busiest period of the year. The e-commerce customer base remains steady, and there is a noticeable resurgence in physical customers. Furthermore, Yiwugo’s continuous technological enhancements and efforts to expand its platform coverage and influence through marketing and promotion are expected to provide even better support in facilitating successful transactions for vendors.