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CDNetworks and 17LIVE Joined Forces to Deliver the Top Live Streaming Experience in Asia

With seamless low-latency live streaming services and round-the-clock support, CDNetworks elevates 17LIVE’s live streaming user experience to greater heights.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDNetworks, an APAC-leading network to deliver edge as a service, proudly acknowledges its instrumental role in the ascent of 17LIVE, Asia’s leading live streaming platform. The collaboration between the two companies, which began in 2016, underpins 17LIVE’s evolution as today’s leading live streaming platform in Japan and, soon, across Asia.

With a wide range of content offerings that span interactive gaming, music, and art sharing, 17LIVE has become a major player in the live streaming industry since its inception in 2015. Its unique combination of low latency, high stability, and superior audiovisual presentation sets it apart from competitors, creating an immersive interactive experience for users. This exceptional user experience is closely tied to the robust CDN capabilities and Media Delivery technologies offered by CDNetworks.

How CDNetworks Powered up 17LIVE’s Live Streaming Business

Enhance Global Network Infrastructure (High-performance Cross-border Streaming)

With a mission “To empower human connections through live technology,” 17LIVE dedicated itself, from day 1, to serving global users with an unparalleled experience. CDNetworks, with over 2,800 points-of-presence in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, provides 17LIVE with the high-quality CDN and streaming media distribution services it needs to deliver on this vision. Notably, in Asia, CDNetworks is recognized as the top-performing CDN provider, enabling 17LIVE’s live streaming platform to offer exceptional service and gain a competitive edge right from the beginning.

For regions such as China, that enforce unique internet policies, CDNetworks overcame cross-border latency issues and unstable connections through its China Premium Service. This service enables live streaming viewers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to engage in seamless cross-country interactions without limitations.

Enable Low Latency Streaming

Unlike some other CDN providers, CDNetworks is one of the few that offers latencies as low as 3 seconds for live streaming platforms through its support of FLV large volume distribution. This protocol not only provides lower latency compared to HLS/DASH, RTMP, and other protocols. It also helps live streaming platforms avoid the high costs associated with using ultra-low latency technologies that are required only for live event broadcasting. It perfectly suits the round-the-clock continuous live streaming business of 17LIVE.

17LIVE’s growing user base is evidence of how low latency in the live streaming arena can be critical to a company’s success by unlocking 17LIVE’s many interactive features. Currently, 17LIVE has successfully developed multiple apps, including video streaming, voice streaming, and e-commerce streaming, all built around low latency features.

Create Immersive User Experiences

To build a platform that delivers a truly immersive live streaming experience, 17LIVE leverages the various streaming media processing technologies provided by CDNetworks, including screenshot, recording, and storage, to further enhance user engagement on their platform. For example, through the screenshotting and recording features, the platform can set corresponding covers for channels and provide users with the ability to replay content, thereby increasing interactive communication on the platform.

At the same time, CDNetworks also offers transcoding to adapt and transcode live streaming content based on different network environments and device terminals. This approach ensures seamless end-to-end interactive experiences for users.

Boost Daily Operation Efficiency

With the exponential increase in the number of users and KOLs, the 17LIVE platform was in dire need of finding an automated solution that could regulate and store the mounting amounts of real-time content that were being generated on a daily basis. To address this challenge, CDNetworks built an efficient moderation and storage mechanism using the aforementioned streaming technologies that helped 17LIVE reduce the manpower required to perform daily operations. In this way, 17LIVE’s backend team could easily monitor the entire platform around the clock, utilizing AI-monitoring and machine-learning technologies to prevent any illegal and inappropriate conduct on its streaming platforms.

Provide 24/7 Dedicated Support

CDNetworks formed a dedicated work group to provide wide ranging services such as business analysis, instant message services, policies customization & optimization, configuration validation, emergency response, and proactive optimization. CDNetworks also arranged periodic business reviews that enabled 17LIVE to boost its key technology iterations.

“The CDNetworks’ media delivery solutions provided to 17LIVE can be described as all-weather, all-encompassing, and multi-dimensional. We are fortunate to have become a valued partner from the very beginning of 17LIVE and witness its growth into the Asia’s leading live streaming platform. 17LIVE’s ongoing success serves as a testament to CDNetworks’ cutting-edge media delivery solutions in the industry.” said Doyle Deng, Head of Global Marketing and Product at CDNetworks.

Regarding this successful cooperation Andy Tseng, Sr. Engineering Director from 17LIVE commented, “CDNetworks has been our trusted growth partner since 2016. Their services continue to play a critical role that empower us to meet the increasing demands of our growing business year after year. Their robust content delivery network, media processing capabilities, and supporting services enable us to provide exceptional streaming experiences to our end users and ultimately become the largest live streaming platform in Asia.”

Looking ahead, CDNetworks and 17LIVE are committed to further enhancing the live streaming experience for users and expanding 17LIVE’s global reach. Both companies have ambitious plans for innovation, content delivery, and audience engagement, with the goal of providing the best live streaming platform to global viewers.

About CDNetworks

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About 17LIVE

17LIVE (one seven live) is Japan’s largest* live-streaming platform and is located in Tokyo, headed by Global CEO, Hirofumi ONO. With a mission to “Empower Human Connections through Live Technology”, we aim to create a world where users can enjoy every moment of their lives on the seven continents under one sky. The platform reached 50 million registered users worldwide as of September 2021. For more information about the company, please visit 

*Data from App Annie on downloads and sales (January-December 2020)

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