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PR Newswire Area Pioneers Decentralized Cinema with NFT Presale of Festival-Honored “Barbarian Invasion”

SINGAPORE, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, strategically positioned at the intersection of festival-acclaimed cinema and blockchain, is thrilled to announce the early conclusion of its Backer NFT presale for “Barbarian Invasion”, a film celebrated across global film festivals. This pivotal movement symbolizes a future where cinema enjoys decentralized distribution, and the conventional divides between viewers and stakeholders are erased.

Helmed by the adept Malaysia’s Chen Tsui Mei, and championed by Heaven Picture Hong Kong Culture & Media Company Limited, “Barbarian Invasion” crafts an introspective tale of a woman’s pursuit of self-awareness. Mr. Yang Jin, the film’s producer, emphasized the essence of this undertaking: “Issuing NFTs with genuine rights marks a pioneering transition from web2 to web3. Our core belief resounds: ‘Stay away from speculation; holding is more valuable.'”

The Backer NFT, an avant-garde brainchild of, serves as more than just an innovative financing mechanism. It also embodies a transformative model of film distribution. Through tokenization, creators gain direct access to financing, maintaining profound control over their work. Moreover, automated revenue distribution via smart contracts ensures utmost transparency and fairness. By sidelining traditional intermediaries, this mechanism facilitates groundbreaking interactive marketing opportunities for filmmakers and broadens audience engagement.

Excitingly, the decentralized viewing journey commences on September 10th as “Barbarian Invasion” debuts on for paid view, where not only can viewers savor this cinematic gem, but Backer NFT holders will also share in its revenue. This endeavor to reward cinematic appreciation democratizes film distribution in an unprecedented way.

In line with their vision, two other distinguished films, celebrated at Switzerland’s Locarno Film Festival and Spain’s San Sebastián International Film Festival, are soon to make their appearances on This is a clear indication of the platform’s relentless pursuit to present global festival-lauded films to its audience.

Ms. Heidi‘s film collaboration lead, commented, “This endeavor is fundamentally about disrupting the monopolistic hold of major entities in film distribution. By introducing a decentralized framework, we address steep distribution costs, ensuring that exemplary cinema doesn’t remain in the shadows.‘s approach allows every cinephile to transition from being just a spectator to a benefactor of cinematic art.”

Having sealed this presale ahead of schedule, reinforces its dedication to sculpting an inclusive cinematic universe, championing both creators and enthusiasts.

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Hailing from Singapore, stands out as a vanguard, amalgamating festival-acclaimed cinema with the digital era’s blockchain. It’s reshaping the film distribution landscape by capitalizing on the transformative potential of digital tokens, with accolades from establishments such as SMU’s BIG Incubator reinforcing its forward momentum.

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Founded in 2012, Heaven Picture remains a torchbearer for emerging filmmakers from the mainland, Hong Kong, and Tai Wan. With a commitment to fostering cinematic creativity, the company continuously supports innovative films that inspire and resonate.

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